Digital Economy as a Way Out of Crisis

EFFORTS to convert societies into cashless economies gathered traction since the 2008 global economic crisis. Finance capital felt that this is a necessary transition to be made in order to overcome the deep-rooted crisis that is continuing in spite of, and in addition to, the various steps already undertaken. In order to ensure this transition, various financial institutions, corporates and governments have joined hands together.

Demonetisation – Hindutva's obscurantism In the Economic Sphere

THE traditional obscurantism of Hindutva, in the glorification of mythology as science, has had serious consequences for education in this country.  Hindutva's majoritarian communalism relies in a fundamental way on obscurantism, particularly in the realm of history, and has been the source of immense suffering to the nation's minorities ever since it emerged on the political scene in its current form. But with demonetisation, a new dimension of Hindutva obscurantism has opened up before us.

Face-off between Judiciary and Executive on Appointment of Judges

CHIEF Justice of India T S Thakur in an open court accused the government of trying to “decimate the judiciary and lock justice out”. Citing the case of the Karnataka High Court, the CJI said that one entire floor of courtrooms was locked up because there were no judges. In the Allahabad High Court, half of the sanctioned strength of 160 judges are lying vacant. In the Supreme Court, the number of judges is down to 26 out of a total sanctioned strength of 31 and two judges are due to retire this month.

Uniformity is not Equality

THE CPI(M) extends its full support to the movement of Muslim women for abolition of what women have described as the un-Islamic practice of instant and arbitrary triple talaq.  The demand has received substantial support from both men and women within the community. In the last decade, several organisations representing Muslim women have run campaigns including signature campaigns where lakhs have signed up against this grossly unfair practice.

And They Want To Teach...Democracy!

EARLY voting for the presidential elections in the US is already on, though officially the election is scheduled for November 8. We are witnessing in the US a bitter and ugly campaign, often with personal insinuations crossing the limits of political decency. Wild accusations, with little concern for facts and truths are hurled at each other by both the Democratic and Republican parties and between the chosen candidates of the two parties – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Indian Diplomacy Missed the BRICS Plot in Goa

THIS year has been controversial for India’s ‘multilateral diplomacy’. The SAARC summit, which was originally scheduled for November in Islamabad, got scuttled, thanks to India’s boycott.

Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have since clarified that they too sought postponement of the summit in Islamabad, but for reasons other than ‘terrorism’. So has Afghanistan. Nepal regrets the postponement of the summit and wants an early re-scheduling. Maldives keeps silent. India draws satisfaction Pakistan’s credential to put on the mantle of regional leadership even by rotation has been disputed. 


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