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Historic Betrayal of Farmers: BJP Govt Denies Promised C2+50% & Assured Procurement

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP had generated high hopes and got the support of farmers in 2014 elections by promising the implementation of the Swaminathan commission recommendation of fixing MSP according to the formula C2+50 percent. It has betrayed them yet again by announcing MSP for the Kharif crops based on A2+FL costs instead of the promised more comprehensive C2 costs. Also no steps have been taken to ensure assured procurement. Without assured procurement any such announcement is only notional and will not accrue to the cultivating peasantry.

OECD-ICRIER Report on Farm Situation: Correct Diagnosis, Wrong Medicine

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on July 10, has noted that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (OECD-ICRIER) Report on the farm situation vindicates its position that the neoliberal economic policies have adversely affected the peasantry and accentuated the agrarian crisis in the country. The report has rightly diagnosed that farming in India has been unremunerative for two decades. According to the report the gross farm revenues fell 14 percent on average between 2000 and 2016.

AIAWU Working Committee Meets in Maharashtra

THE central working committee of AIAWU met at Nasik (Maharashtra) on June 19-20. 32 comrades attended the meeting from Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana. The general secretary’s report had noted that the all-round attack on the rural cash economy, the hard hit farming sector, unemployment and the loss of jobs in agriculture, in construction as well as in small-scale rural businesses, is hurting the mass of the rural people and driving them to ruin and starvation.

MAHARASHTRA: Thousands of Peasants Participate in AIKS Struggle

JUNE 1, 2018 marked the first anniversary of the beginning of the historic united farmers’ strike in Maharashtra, which lasted for 11 days. The AIKS played a key role in the strike. This strike forced the unwilling BJP-led state government to concede a Rs 34,000 crore loan waiver package, declaring that Rs 1.5 lakh would be waived per farmer. However, the onerous set of conditions that it imposed threw lakhs of farmers out of the loan waiver net.

Struggles Shall Build Atmosphere for Defeat of Anti-People BJP Regime

MASSIVE struggles by the All India Kisan Sabha in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere were preceded by a build up of independent and united struggles in the past four years. The recent successes of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka peasantry have generated an electrifying impact on the peasantry and all democratic sections with the Maharashtra Kisan Long March undoubtedly catching the imagination of the peasantry and people.

BAA Condemns Saffron Terror in North East

THE Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, in a statement issued on March 23, has publicly condemned the rise of saffron terror in North East and the denial of special category to NE states. It condemned the state sponsored atrocities in Tripura after the BJP government came into power and in order to saffronise the politics and society, it has been actively eliminating opposition and dissenting voices from the state.

MAHARASHTRA: Govt Agrees to Implement Decisions on Kisan Sabha Demands

Below we publish the agreement reached between the government of Maharashtra and the Maharashtra Rajya Kisan Sabha on March 12, 2018 in the talks held with the chief minister at the conclusion of the long march. This agreement was tabled in the state assembly by the chief minister on March 13, 2018.

  1.  Time bound implementation of Forest Rights Act:

*      Decision on all pending claims/appeals shall be taken within six months on fast track basis.


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