November 22, 2020

Agri Workers Unions to Join General Strike

A JOINT meeting of organisations working among agricultural workers was held on November 18, at BKMU office, Ajoy Bhavan in New Delhi. It was attended by leaders of the All India Agricultural Workers Union, Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union, All India Agricultural and Rural Labour Association, Samyukt Kisan Sabha and All India Agragami  Krishi Shramik Union.

The grim situation of the agricultural and rural workers was discussed in detail and it was decided to take up and resist the anti-people policies of the central government and state governments.

The Hindutva agenda peddled by the BJP led central government is not only creating communal polarisation in the society but also has unleashed attacks on dalits that are increasing day by day. Instead of acting against the culprits, the BJP government at the centre and states is protecting the criminals, making the lives of marginalised people impossible.

Moreover the economic policies of the central government are affecting the rural poor adversely and are putting the lives of the people at the mercy of profiteers. It is further using the pandemic to weaken social welfare policies. As it is, there is no Act to save agricultural workers from the savage exploitation of employers and provide them safe working conditions. Moreover minimum wages are overlooked and wages are delayed or not given at all, so the need of a comprehensive legislation is urgent in today’s conditions. 

The meeting took the following decisions:

1. All organisations will support and actively participate in the all India strike called jointly by the central trade unions. Agricultural workers will organise rural strikes in villages to highlight their pressing demands.

2. It was decided to participate in the Delhi Chalo programme called by the All India Kisan Coordination  Committee against the three agrarian Acts attempting to handover the agricultural sector to corporates.

3. The meeting further decided to organise a one day joint all India convention on December 9 on dalit issues and against caste atrocities. The convention will discuss the manner and implementation of all India actions on these issues.  

4. December 6, death anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar will be observed as ‘Save Constitution’ day. Activities will be conducted at district level too against the attacks on the constitution and constitutional provisions being violated by the present administration under the NDA rule.