December 06, 2020

Kisans to burn effigies of Modi government and corporates on Dec 5

IN a press statement issued by Hannan Mollah, general secretary of AIKS on December 3, he said that the AIKS has given a call to all its units throughout the country to burn the effigies of the Narendra Modi government and corporate giants Ambani and Adani on December 5

The decision to it was taken in a joint meeting of ‘working group’ of AIKSCC, Punjab kisan organisations’ coordination committee, RKMS and various BKU groups held at Singhu Boarder on  December 2.  The meeting has decided to intensify the ongoing struggle of Delhi Chalo and countrywide agitation under the banner of Samyuktha Kisan Morcha. Around 3 lakh people are participating in this unprecedented peasant upsurge.

The Modi government is adamant to divide the kisan leadership and misguide the people in order to suppress this historic struggle. In this context the meeting has resolved the following:

1.      The Samyuktha Kisan Morcha will give in writing that the demand of repeal of three pro-corporate farm acts and the electricity bill is non-negotiable and a letter will be given to the government asking to immediately approve the same and resolve the struggle. 
2.      The detailed critique on the above ‘acts’ will be annexed and submitted to the government but will not entertain any clause by clause discussion.
3.      In order to intensify this struggle against the corporatisation of peasant agriculture, peasantry across the country will burn the effigies of the Narendra Modi government and the corporate giants Ambani and Adani on December 5, 2020, in the villages across the country, to develop it as an anti-corporate struggle.
4.      The countrywide agitation has to be intensified by joining hands with all other sections of the society including workers, students, youth, women etc.