“Paradise” for the Super Rich

THE revelations contained in the Paradise Papers based on investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has thrown further light on how an intricate network of tax havens, opaque companies and financial dealings have developed to service the needs of multinational corporations and international finance capital.

Shielding the Corrupt

CONTRARY to the strident statements against black money and corruption, the Modi government and the BJP are, in practice, taking step after step to shield corruption and to allow the rich to launder black money.  Three such instances have occurred in the recent period.

A Bold Step: Dalit Priests in Kerala

WHEN 22 year-old Yedu Krishnan began his priestly functions at the sanctum sanctorum of the Shiva temple at Valanjavattom in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, it was a historic first – a dalit priest at a major temple in Kerala.

The Travancore Devaswom Recruitment Board (TDRB) decided to appoint six dalits as priests along with 30 other non-Brahmin priests.  The Board, which manages more than 1200 temples, functions under the supervision of the state government.  The reservation for backward classes and dalits was instituted for the first time.

BJP National Executive: Claims without Substance

THE political resolution adopted at the extended national executive meeting of the BJP in New Delhi and the speeches of President Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, failed to inject any enthusiasm among the party’s ranks and its supporters. In fact, the overriding impression is that the session ignored the serious problems faced by the economy and was notable for the absence of any introspection about the many shortcomings afflicting the governance of the country.

Treat Rohingyas as Refugees

THE decision of the Modi government to deport Rohingyas from Myanmar who have taken refuge in India, is an unconscionable act. The government has submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court wherein it is stated that there are militant elements among the Rohingya migrants who have links to the Pakistani ISI and the so-called Islamic State and, therefore, pose a security risk.  The government has maintained that as illegal migrants, the government has the power to deport them.


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