Kerala: A Significant Victory

THE Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in Kerala has been re-elected to office with a big mandate. This is a significant election in many respects.

The first significant aspect of the election is that this is the first time after 1977 that an incumbent government has been re-elected in Kerala.

The Scandal that is the Modi Government

THE Covid-19 tragedy that is unfolding in India is of truly epic proportions.  There is the scandal of people dying because of lack of oxygen in hospitals; there is the scandal of lack of hospital beds and medicines; there is the scandal of deaths due to Covid being covered up and there is the scandal of the vaccine shortage and profiteering sanctioned by the government. But the biggest scandal of all is the Modi government itself.

The Vishwaguru that Failed

The Modi-Shah duo are criminally responsible for the havoc caused by the Second Wave

THE Covid-19 cases crossed over 2,34,000 on April 17, the very day Narendra Modi addressed an election rally in Asansol, West Bengal, where he congratulated the people for coming in large numbers and declared that he had not seen such crowds in a rally before. 

Subverting the Election Commission

THE subversion of constitutional bodies under the Modi regime is proceeding apace. Nothing exemplifies this more than what has happened to the Election Commission of India (EC).

The EC’s stand on the elections for three vacant seats from Kerala in the Rajya Sabha has brought out the stark fact that the Commission is bending to the will of the Modi government. Nothing else can explain the strange behavior of the Commission regarding what is a routine election for filling up vacancies to the Upper House from a state.

Tackle Second Wave: Protect People’s Health & Livelihoods

WITH the second wave of the Covid-19 infection unfolding, India is facing a calamitous situation.  April 4 saw the breeching of the 100,000 mark (one lakh) in daily cases with 103,709 cases recorded. Three days later, on April 7, the count reached the highest so far of 126,260 new cases – the highest daily count in the world.  The death rate is also mounting.

Fight This National Sell-Off

AROUND a million bank employees and officers went on a two-day strike on March 15 and 16 all over the country against the privatisation of public sector banks. The following day, March 17, General Insurance employees struck work and the next day, on March 18, employees of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) will go on strike. 

The Unholy Trinity in Kerala elections

THE Kerala Assembly elections are being fought by three alliances – the CPI(M)-led LDF, the Congress-led UDF and the BJP-led NDA.  Both the Congress and the BJP have been targeting the LDF government with a string of false allegations which began with the gold smuggling case in July last year. 

Now there is a third party in the electoral fray. Apart from the Congress and the BJP, there are the central agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED), CBI, Customs and the NIA. 


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