Pegasus: Cyberweapon for Authoritarianism

The chronology suggests new security collaboration initiated with Israel during NSO Ajit Doval’s visit in March, 2017 preparatory to Modi’s visit

THE Pegasus spyware scandal is not just a case of violation of privacy, or illegal surveillance or snooping by security agencies. It is all that, and much more.  The Pegasus is military grade spyware which takes surveillance and hacking to a new level altogether. The bigger picture must not be obscured.

Afghanistan: India in an Unenviable Position

THE situation on the ground in Afghanistan is changing fast. With the US troop withdrawal more or less complete, the last few weeks have seen the Taliban advancing all across the country.  The Taliban have claimed that 85 per cent of the territory is now under their control. But whether this is actually the case, the fact remains that the speed of the Taliban advance, particularly in the northern region, has taken everyone by surprise.

Rafale Scandal Resurrects

THE opening of a judicial probe in France on June 14, 2021, into suspected ‘corruption’, ‘influence-peddling’, ‘money laundering’, ‘favouritism and undue tax waivers’ surrounding the €7.87 billion Rafale-India deal has given new life to a major scandal that the Narendra Modi government has done its best to cover up. The decision of the French National Financial Prosecutor's Office (the parquet national financier or PNF) to support the opening of a judicial investigation into the deal was based on a complaint by Sherpa, an anti-corruption French NGO.

Editorial: Crushing Price Rise

THE blight of the pandemic which has caused mass suffering and deaths during the second wave is now compounded by the manifold miseries inflicted on the people by the Modi government.  The people are experiencing unemployment, falling incomes and hunger.  On top of this comes the rising inflation and price rise of essential commodities – a creation of the policies of the government. 

Voodoo Science and Voodoo Economics

AS the peak of the second wave of the Covid pandemic begins to slowly recede, the havoc wreaked on lakhs of families has been occupying the attention of the whole country. There is widespread dismay and anger at the way the health emergency caught the Modi government unprepared. Its mishandling and unscientific attitude turned it into a catastrophe for the people. 


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