Ukraine Conflict: The Interplay of Contradictions

THE US-led NATO’s attempts to seek the high moral ground against aggression by the “brutal dictator Putin” reeks of hypocrisy and double-standards. Going by the shrill pronouncements of President Biden and Prime Minister Johnson, this is the first time peace has been shattered in Europe after the Second World War and the end of the Cold War. They completely ignore the fact that the first war in Europe after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 was the NATO aggression against Serbia and Yugoslavia in 1999.

Reform in Appointment and Role of Governors

THE Kerala government has written to the central government proposing amendments to the constitution to give powers to the state governments in the appointment or recall of governors.  This has been done in response to the recommendations made by the Justice Punchhi Commission on reforms in centre-state relations.  The stand taken by the Kerala government reflects the longstanding need felt for change in the role of the governor who, at present, is appointed by the centre and hence acts as an agent of the central government. 

US Bluster on Ukraine

THE inception of the current crisis on Ukraine lies in the continuing eastward expansion of NATO.  Contrary to what was promised to Russia by the United States in the post-Soviet period that NATO would not expand eastward, all the East European countries and the Baltic states, which were part of the Warsaw Treaty were brought into the NATO.  Russia now fears that Ukraine and Georgia, that were part of the Soviet Union, are next in line. Having NATO on its borders is seen as a direct security threat to Russia.

Crony Capitalism in Telecom Sector

THE recent announcement by the union ministry of converting a part of what Vodafone-Idea (VI) owes to the government into its shareholding, is another step in the long story of crony capitalism and so-called reforms in the telecom sector. The government has taken a 35.8 per cent shareholding in VI to reduce the two hundred thousand crore rupees that VI owns the government, and postponed payments of the rest for four more years.

Contempt for Federalism and Values of Freedom Struggle

THE manner in which the tableaux presented by certain states for the Republic Day parade on January 26 has been rejected by the centre reveals a lot about the mindset of the BJP rulers. 

The rejection of the tableaux of the state governments of Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu shows the deep contempt for federalism and the socio-cultural traditions of the freedom struggle. 


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