Inflation: A Cruel Attack on Working People

THE country is in the grip of an inflationary spiral resulting in galloping price rise of all essential goods used by the people. This crushing price burden is making life exceedingly difficult for the rural and urban poor.

The retail inflation rate stood at 7.8 per cent for May, the highest in the past eight years; food price inflation surged to 8.38 per cent, the highest in the past seventeen months; and the wholesale price index inflation in April rose to  15.08 per cent, the highest level in the current 2011-12 series.

Media under Severe Attack

THE World Press Freedom Day, as proclaimed by the United Nations, was observed on May 3. Coinciding with this, the World Press Freedom Index was published by the Reporters without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres). India’s ranking in the index fell from 142 in 2021 to 150 this year, out of 180 countries. In 2016, India had been ranked 133. The steady deterioration in media freedom under the Modi government is recorded by this index.

French Presidential Election: Three-Way Fight

EMMANUEL Macron has been elected president of France defeating the neo-fascist Marine Le Pen in the presidential run-off election. While Macron got 58.5 per cent of the vote, Le Pen received 41.5 per cent vote.

There is relief in France and Europe that the far-right Le Pen has been stopped from capturing the key executive position in the country. But it is also a fact that this was a run-off contest between a “president of the rich” and a candidate of the neo-fascist far-right. 

A New Level of Attacks on Muslims

THE month of April has seen a sharp escalation in the attacks on Muslims by the Hindutva forces.  Using  the nine-day Navaratri festival beginning on April 2 and culminating on Ram Navami day on April 10, the RSS outfits like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal have in a planned and organised manner utilised the Hindu new year day on April 2 and the

Towards the 23rd Congress: A Strengthened CPI(M) is Essential for the Fight against the Hindutva-Corporate Regime

THE 23rd Congress of the CPI(M) is being held at Kannur in Kerala from April 6-10. The Party Congress will set out the political direction of the Party for the next three years.

The draft Political Resolution which was released more than two months ago by the Central Committee has been discussed at all levels of the Party. It will be finally taken up at the Congress for adoption after discussion by the delegates. It is this exercise of inner-Party democracy in shaping the political-tactical line of the Party which is unique to the CPI(M).


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