No to Communal Divide in Kerala

KERALA has a unique social composition in which Muslims and Christians together comprise 45 per cent of the population. Kerala is also distinctive in that the three religious communities are interwoven into the social fabric and have coexisted harmoniously.  The Malayali identity has assimilated the socio-cultural traits of all these major religious groups.

This mosaic is complemented by a strong secular tradition in politics to which the Left has made a major contribution.

Double Engine of Communal and Caste Appeal

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has once again used his favourite analogy of “double engine growth” delivering “double profit” in Uttar Pradesh.  Speaking at the foundation laying ceremony of the Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University in Aligarh, the underlying theme of the speech also made it clear what ‘double engine’ actually means.  It is a combination of rank communal and caste appeal.

Speaking Truth to Power

SUPREME Court Judge, Justice D Y Chandrachud, has given a thoughtful and lucid talk on ‘Speaking Truth To Power: Citizens And The Law’ on the occasion of the Justice M C Chagla Memorial Lecture.

In an erudite analysis of the relationship between truth and democracy and the role of citizens in speaking truth to power, Justice Chandrachud says: “Democracy needs the power of truth to survive.  As such one can consider ‘speaking truth to power’ as a right every citizen must have in a democracy, but equally as also the duty of every citizen”.

Halt this Sell Out!

CAMOUFLAGED in jargon that speaks of ‘monetisation of de-risked assets’, the BJP-led NDA government has announced its plan to sell out India’s public sector. In that plan, assets ranging from roads, ports, airports and railway track and stations, through fuel pipelines, telecom towers, optical fibre cabling, warehouses, and stadia, are to be handed over to big private investors in return for upfront or staggered payments of around Rs 6 lakh crore over a four year period ending financial year 2025.

In the Mirror Image of the Taliban

THE everyday violence against Muslims is showing a disturbing pattern.  In the month of August, there have been at least four recorded cases of gratuitous violence against Muslims in the streets of some cities and small towns in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.  The targets of such attacks were poor Muslims such as street vendors, auto rickshaw drivers and even beggars. 

Dubious Stand on OBC Reservation

THE announcement by the Modi government providing for 27 per cent reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and 10 per cent reservation for Economically Weaker Sections in the all-India quota for undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental courses from the current academic year is being hailed by the BJP and its supporters as an example of the Modi government’s commitment for the welfare of OBCs. The prime minister has hailed this decision of the government as a “landmark decision”.


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