KERALA: An Alliance of the Killing Forces

IN Kerala, an alliance of murderers has been formed against the LDF. The brutal murder of Sanoop, CPI(M) branch secretary, Puthussery, Thrissur, is an open declaration of this alliance. Within forty days,  four young comrades were killed by the anti-communist groups in three different places. All these incidents have exhibited some similarities in character and in the arguments put forward for protecting the culprits. The nexus and the cooperation among them, RSS-BJP, Congress and Muslim League, is a reality in the state.

Hathras and Beyond: Hindutva Violence against Dalits

THE BJP has brought the Indian polity to a pathetic situation of encouraging the obsolete ideals of the Manusmriti and instigating cold-blooded murder and annihilation of dalits from a phase of negation of freedom of expression. Taking advantage of being in power at the centre and in several states, they are deliberately preparing grounds for dividing the people on the basis of religion, caste, creed and sex, and making democracy a mockery. The poor are being made to suffer social insecurity and distress.

GST Controversy – The Nadir in Centre State Relations

The issue was discussed at length in the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, GST Council and even parliament. There was a ticklish question of how would compensation payment be made in case there was a severe shortfall in revenue and there was no money in the Compensation Cess Fund. To quote an instance, this was how the revenue secretary and then union finance minister responded:

Employment Crisis in West Bengal: A Decade of TMC Governance

AMIDST the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent series of sporadic lockdowns, the loss of lives and livelihoods in West Bengal has exposed the inherent economic crises that the state’s economy is undergoing. The massive influx of poor migrant workers returning back to the state, seeking help and support from the authorities, has become an unfortunate reality in recent times. A decade long governance by the TMC government in the state has worsened working conditions as well as opportunities of work in West Bengal.

Another Flawed Intervention of the Central Government in J & K

“NOW there will be a complete integration of the J & K” uttered a senior police officer (not appropriate to name him) who escorted us from the Srinagar airport to the house of Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, four times MLA and a leader of CPI(M) in J & K; he was under house arrest at that time. Sitaram Yechury, general secretary  of the CPI(M) was allowed to visit J & K and meet Tarigami on an order of the Supreme Court on his ‘habeas corpus’ writ petition.

The Untold Story of the Left in Indian Science

THE story of Indian science generally focuses on Nehru and the scientific institutions that were built to help India industrialise. This story is incomplete, as it does not take into account the contributions of the Indian Left scientists, such as Meghnad Saha, Sahib Singh Sokhey, Syed Husain Zaheer, as well as internationalist Left like J D Bernal and J B S Haldane, who are very much at the core of this story.

One Hundred Years of Indian Communism

A THEORETICAL analysis of the prevailing situation, from which the proletariat’s relationship with different segments of the bourgeoisie and the peasantry is derived, and with it the Communist Party’s tactics towards other political forces, is central to the Party’s praxis. A study of this praxis over the last one hundred years of the existence of communism in India, though highly instructive, is beyond my scope here. I shall be concerned only with some phases of this long history.


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