Why a Statue of Netaji Now?

THE India Gate in Delhi is an imperial monument constructed by the British government to commemorate Indian soldiers of the British Indian army who died in battlefields far from home, in Flanders, Gallipoli, Iran and elsewhere during the First World War (1914-18).  Other Indian soldiers who died during Britain’s Afghan wars also had their names recorded on the monument.  Later, a statue of King George V was installed under a canopy in the centre of the war memorial.Some years after independence, the king’s statue was unceremoniously removed and, since there were many suggestions as to whose

Struggle for the Republic; History is the Principal Site of Struggle

THIS was about five decades back in the mid-seventies. I was then a student at Jadavpur University. It was a time of internal emergency in the country. We on our campus had quite a few students from Palestine. They were not just progressive, but also active participants in the Palestine liberation struggle. One day some of them informed us that an important leader of the PLO was in Kolkata. The PLO operatives urged that progressive student activists meet him to discuss and exchange views and experiences.Naturally, we were excited. On a specific day, some of us went to the meeting.

Winds of Change in Uttar Pradesh

FAST-MOVING political changes in UP have forced political commentators and analysts who were predicting an easy win for the BJP in the assembly election to be held in February and March 2022, to rethink their political math.  The exodus of several MLAs and three cabinet ministers from the BJP to the SP has upset the calculations of those occupying high office in Delhi and Lucknow too who are seeing the ground shifting beneath their ministerial chairs. It is incorrect, however, to think that the Yogi government is facing challenges all of a sudden.  As early as 2018, more than 100 BJP MLAs,

The Fee Must Fall Movement: An Ongoing Struggle Towards Victory

IT is true that the history of public education has been fraught with neo-liberal, authoritative and regressive attacks on the promises of secular, scientific and accessible education in this country. It has been, however, at its core, also a history of continuous student struggles fought not just against these attacks but for an equal and just society. The debarring and imposition of fine on 11 students of Pondicherry University over protests against fee hikes are a reflection of this same anti-student sentiment.

Dam Safety Act 2021: Damaging Democracy & Federalism

IN a country with over 5,701 large dams, 619 of them having crossed the age of 50 years, dam safety is a matter of great concern to our nation and addressing it is crucial for the lives and livelihoods of our people. So, any legislation which attempts to provide for surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of dams is bound to attract some attention.The Dam Safety Act 2021, passed in the winter session of the Parliament in 2021, and received presidential assent on December 13, 2021, gives us reasons to worry.

Anti-Imperialist Struggle and Electoral Alternative

THE ongoing united farmers’ struggle in India has changed the political discourse in India and the world over.  The success of the struggle at the Delhi borders marks a remarkable setback to the reform process under the imperialist globalisation in India. Thus, the main ruling party - the BJP and its prime minister, Narendra Modi have received strong criticism from the pro-imperialist media world over since they yielded to the united farmers’ struggle.The united farmers’ struggle was not spontaneous.

Housing for All: A Basic Need but a Pipe Dream for the Majority in Rural India

AT least 50 anxious people gathered near the village pond in Chotahi village, Samastipur district of Bihar. They had gathered to save their houses which were declared illegal as the area was developed as a green belt by the state government of Bihar under the project ‘Jal Jeevan Haryali’.Soon they will be forced to leave their houses; most of which are kutcha built with earthen mud and clay. They have spent decades in these dwellings. Almost all of them are agricultural workers belonging to schedules castes and economically deprived.This is not an isolated case.

UP: Blatant Lies of Development Exhorted by Modi

AS the UP elections draw closer, the visits of the prime minister to the state are becoming an almost everyday affair.  These visits are well-choreographed events with Narendra Modi alone at the centre whether under the focus of laser lights or on a high podium.  Each event is used to announce a plethora of ‘gifts’ to the people ranging from a spanking, shiny new look Vishwanath Mandir in Varanasi to cash transfers to women’s SHGs.  These state-sponsored events are also utilised in the most brazen fashion to pour vitriol on opposition leaders, Akhilesh Yadav in particular, and, of course, M


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