Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev: 90th Year of Martyrdom: Significance of Observing Martyrdom Day

THE CC of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), at its meeting in Thiruvananthapuram in January, had given a call for a door-to-door campaign to be conducted in the month of March explaining to the people why they should not answer any question in the forthcoming exercise of enumeration for the National Population Register (NPR), between April 1 and September 30.  This campaign was to culminate on March 23, the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.  Subsequently, the Left parties also gave a similar call.  The choice of the martyrdom day wa

Modi Regime: Independence of Judiciary in Peril

IT seems that Modi regime has perfected an art of taming the judiciary by interfering with its independence by appeasement, browbeating, surveillance and harassment. Nomination of Ranjan Gogoi to Rajya Sabha is latest of its ploy in this regard. It is yet another fatal jolt to Indian judiciary made by Modi regime. The nomination of Gogoi not only impinges credibility, integrity and independence of the judiciary and public faith and confidence in it, but also reflects the present nature, position and stature of judiciary.

How close are we to the SDGs

THE fiscal crisis of 2008 struck wounds deep into the system. It shook the pillars of the world capitalist system and the sustainability of such a socio-economic system became a challenge. Compounding to it was the crisis of the environment and the sustainability of the planet, which continues to pose a serious challenge. The carbon emissions, if not checked, shall become disastrous to the eco-system itself. The five Ps i.e., people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership were conceived as the goal and targets under the sustainable development goals(SDGs) in 2015.

Budget belies hopes of Farmers

IF one combines allocations for agriculture and allied activities, fertiliser subsidies, irrigation, rural development and land resources, one finds that the revised estimates(RE) for the current year is almost 25 thousand crore rupees  less than what was originally budgeted for this year. In fact, the budget documents show that the REs for almost every scheme of the ministry of agriculture and farmers' welfare has been reduced in the current year, and that these cuts are maintained for the coming year.

Jai Bhim a new recital Katha in Kanpur

KANPUR Dehat district is just a few kilometers from Kanpur city, with its factories—though many of them are closed—and its malls and urban glitz. Kanpur city can lead people to believe, sometimes, that we have reached the 21st century. Kanpur can also breed the realisation of still being in the 20th century. And it has places, which can take us back to the 19th century. But yes, overall, the winds of the 21st century have started blowing in Kanpur.

Budget 2020: How BJP Govt Destroyed Economy & Squeezed the People

IN the union budget presented before parliament on February 1, 2020, a vivid and shocking picture of how the Modi led BJP government has destroyed India’s economy emerges. It also reveals exactly how a rich man’s sarkar goes about brutally increasing the burden on people in order to continue handing out concessions to the corporate world and turning the whole country into a source of profit.

Kerala Budget 2020-21: Negation of Neo-Liberal Economics

THE LDF government’s budget for the year 2020-21 is best described as an instrument of struggle of the people of Kerala against the regime of neoliberal economic policies imposed on the nation by the union government. The neoliberal onslaught on the nation, commenced way back during early 1990s, reached its zenith under the leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi.


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