BJP Govt’s Red Carpet Welcome for Oil MNCs

THE recent economic ‘stimulus package’ presented by the Modi government mainly to benefit the big business houses shall cost the exchequer of the country a huge amount Rs 1.45 lakh crore. More such stimulus packages are under consideration of the government. To make good the revenue loss, the government has resorted to selling out public sector undertakings (PSU) with huge physical and financial assets. 

How Modi Govt Created Economic Slowdown

INDIA is facing an unprecedented slowdown of the economy with GDP growth slumping to 5 per cent in the June quarter, agriculture growing by only 2 per cent and manufacturing by a mere 0.6 per cent. Private consumption expenditure – spending by families on consumption – has slipped downwards, bank credit has decelerated, investment is dipping and sales of common commodities are declining. Such is the sweep of this slowdown that lakhs of workers have either been thrown out of jobs or laid off.

Unprecedented Strike; Unprecedented Response

THE Telangana chief minister, who often creates ‘sensational news’, himself inadvertently confirmed the wide magnitude of the united strike of TSRCTC workers. Out of total 49,190 workers, 48,000 plus workers are on strike at the call of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Telangana SRTC Employees and Workers’ Unions since October 5 early morning. From the agitated reaction of the chief minister, the serious impact of the strike becomes obvious.

Ayodhya-how Pious?

AYODHYA, from a Hindu politico laboratory to Politico-Religious Capital of the Hindu Right is the correct way of defining the transformation of this city. Ayodhya, which was considered to be a city of piousness for devout Hindus based on Hindu mysticism, over the years, has completely changed. Thanks to the experiment of the Sangh Parivar, of course the RSS in the lead, the Ayodhya has metamorphosised into a centre of syndicates of various kinds; spiritual, land, political and criminal.

Organiser’s Flawed Vision of the Telecom Sector

IN its July 16, 2019 issue, Organiser, the RSS’s mouth-piece, has spit venom against the public sector in general and against BSNL in particular. The magazine has published an article, wherein it is stated that, laziness, indifference and barren dullness are the well-known marks of the public sector. By publishing such an article in the Organiser, the RSS has exposed its true colour, vis-à-vis the public sector of the country.

150th year of Mahatama Gandhi’s birth anniversary: Redouble the Resolve to safeguard the Secular-Democratic Republic

YEAR 2019 is the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhiji remains the unparalleled mass leader of the Indian people. He successfully mobilised people from the whole of India’s vast diversity in the struggle for independence from British colonial rule.


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