UP: Oppressive and killer Yogi raj

OPPRESSION and killing innocent people has become a gauntlet of Yogi rule in UP. On the one hand rapists, rioters and murderers aligned to the BJP are allowed to roam scot-free, on the other, tremendous repression is mounted on the dalits, backwards, women and especially the Muslim minority in the state of UP. There is no limit to the hate against the Muslims and the protesters who were protesting against the CAA and the proposed NRC.

Water Nexus and its testing

RECENT revelations made by Ram Vilas Paswan, union minister of consumer affairs that the water quality in Delhi and in other 20 cities is not fit for drinking, made everyone apprehensive of the systems that are responsible for providing water, and as normal reaction were curious to find out what is in depth.

Apple Crisis in Kashmir Valley

THE plight of apple growers in Kashmir is awful, says Zahoor Ahammed, a farmer from Kulgam. “We have heard of farmer’s suicide in Maharashtra; if the existing situation persists, apple growers in Kashmir will also be compelled to commit suicide,” said Ahammed while speaking to the AIKSCC delegation that visited Kulgam on November 14, 2019. 

OSHWC Code: A Design to Impose Modern Slavery on Working People

THE BJP government, since assuming office for a second term in May 2019, has been working overtime to take away the rights of workers through codifications of labour laws, a euphemism for corporate unbridled process of profit maximisation. Accordingly, the labour minister introduced the Code on Wages and the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (OSHWC) Code in the Lok Sabha on July 23. The Code on Wages was passed by Lok Sabha on July 30 and got the Rajya Sabha nod on August 2. The president gave his assent on August 8.

Ayodhya and the consolidation of Hindu Nationalists, 1855-1992

THE Ayodhya verdict is finally out and as expected, it displays the influencing of the Hindu right on the judicial system to legalise a long history of illegal encroachment by powerful ‘Hindu interests’ over a mosque that was demolished on December 6, 1992. In its final analysis the judgement adjudicates the title suit by arguing that the so called ‘Hindu’ side has been able to prove its uninterrupted worship at the site since the pre-1856 period also.

Supreme Court Failings

THE Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Ranjan Gogoi, retired on November 17.  Justice S A Bobde has taken over charge as the new chief justice of India.  This is an appropriate time to look at what is happening to the highest judicial court of the land.  The Supreme Court is entrusted with the duty of ensuring that the laws adopted by Parliament are in conformity with Constitution and that the constitutional rights of citizens are safeguarded. 


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