Coronavirus, Lockdown, Migrant Workers: Poor Lives Matter

SINCE the very outset, thousands of migrant workers with the back breaking huge sacks trudging along, often with wives and children for hundreds of kilometers have been the unputdownable images that have refused to leave us. Since the abrupt announcement of the national lockdown with a notice of four hours, such images have come to haunt us. Thousands of migrant workers at the Anand Vihar bus station immediately after the announcement marked their arrival in the increasingly intense discourse on our response to Covid pandemic.

Remembering Lenin

APRIL 22, 2020, marks the 150th birth anniversary of the greatest revolutionary figure of the twentieth century, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. After Marx and Engels, Lenin made the biggest contribution to the theory and practice of Marxism. Lenin’s groundbreaking theoretical advances, such as his analysis of imperialism, set the stage for the world’s first socialist revolution in Russia in October 1917.

Ruling Party Continues to Push Sectarian Agenda

EVEN as the people of India face terrible hardships, suffering and distress during the lockdown and yet continue to observe instructions given by governments, the central government and the ruling party continue to push a sectarian agenda. The highly irresponsible behavior of the Tablighi Jamaat became the pretext for the sangh warriors to unleash a vicious campaign against Muslims in general. This led to several direct attacks on Muslims, including some reprehensible attacks on street vendors even in the capital.

Govt Must Adopt a Navapadi for Itself To Implement On a War Footing

THE people were looking forward to the prime minister’s address to the nation on the last day of the three-week countrywide lockdown.  These three weeks have thrown up many experiences that need to be addressed urgently in order, both, to strengthen our fight against the Covid 19 pandemic and to protect the lives and survival of crores of our fellow citizens.  On none of these issues of vital importance did the prime minister have anything substantial to say.

Jammu and Kashmir: Centre further alienates the people of J & K

THE move by Narendra Modi government to redefine domicile rules for government jobs in Jammu and Kashmir has once again shown how the BJP wants to change the demography of the region. The fresh domicile notification passed at the depth of night, while the world is under the grip of a deadly Covid-19 pandemic, is extension of the constitutional and undemocratic fraud carried out by the BJP government at the center on August 5, 2019.

CORONA CRISIS: Working Class Rises to Support its Brethren in Distress

THE first one week of the lockdown in India, out of the declared three weeks, has once again displayed the callous and lackadaisical attitude of the BJP led Modi government towards the poor workers of the country. The sudden announcement of the lockdown, giving hardly a few hours’ time for the people to prepare themselves for it, and without the needed preparation by the government to minimise people’s, particularly the poor unorganised and migrant workers’ sufferings, led to utter chaos in many states.

One Week of the Lockdown

THE country has experienced one week of the lockdown and a few things can be noted. The first is that citizens of India have been  responsible, by and large,  following government instructions. In spite of great hardship caused by the sudden announcement of lockdown, people have united to play their role in taking the required steps to prevent India from going into the third stage, which is that of community transmission. Across the country, in every state, people have rallied round.


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