Comrade Manik Biswas

COMRADE Manik Biswas, CPI(M) Tripura state committee member, secretary of Udaipur sub-divisional committee and a dedicated leader of peasant and agricultural workers died on November 14, 2022 at GBP Cancer Hospital, Agartala. He was 71 and unmarried.

Comrade Manik Biswas was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Since then he was under regular treatment.  He discharged his responsibilities as Udaipur SDC secretary in right earnest till the moment of his death, amidst extremely adverse situation in the sub-division particularly from March 2018. 

Kodiyeri: A Skilled Leader

COMRADE Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is no more with us.  After a long battle with cancer, he died in a hospital in Chennai.  In the last three years since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he showed indomitable will in continuing to work while undergoing bouts of chemotherapy. It was only in August this year that he was relieved of the secretaryship of the Kerala state committee, when it became evident to him that his deteriorating health would not allow him to discharge his responsibilities. 

Comrade Kumar Shiralkar

COMRADE Kumar Shiralkar, former member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and national joint secretary, AIAWU breathed his last on Sunday, October 2 at Nashik. He was undergoing treatment for cancer for the last three years.

Kumar Shiralkar began his life of revolutionary struggle during the seventies when he left his cushy job as an engineer to be one with the tribals of North Maharashtra, who were facing inhuman treatment at the hands of rich farmers.

An Invaluable Leader, A Brother

IT’S unthinkable that Comrade Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has departed from our midst. It causes deep pain.  He wasn’t just like a brother, there was real brotherhood between us. We both chose to tread the same path.

His concern for the Party was above everything else even under acute illness. He thought about how to handle the attacks against the Party till his last days. He insisted on his decision to voluntarily step down from the Party secretaryship when he felt he was unable to discharge its full time responsibilities.

An Elder Brother and A Committed Comrade

COMRADE Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was much more than a colleague to me. Senior to me by two years, he was as close to me as a brother in a relationship spanning over five decades. It dates back to 1972-73 when we worked together as colleagues and office bearers of the SFI at the state level. His end has come now, as we were working together simultaneously at the state and national levels.

Abhijit Sen

PROFESSOR Abhijit Sen, renowned economist, expert on agriculture, rural economy and planning passed away after a brief illness on August 29. We extend condolences to his family and friends.

Prof. Abhijit Sen had a long academic career spanning over four decades. He had joined Jawaharlal Nehru University in 1985 and taught in Centre for Economic Studies and Planning (CESP) till recently.

Comrade Rajeev Jha is no more

RAJEEV Jha, a senior colleague in the editorial team of Loklahar, died of a sudden cardiac arrest on the intervening night of August 10-11. He suffered a massive heart attack suddenly and without any pre-symptoms and did not even get a chance to reach the nearest hospital. He was over 70 years old.


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