Farmers Around the World Stand-in solidarity with Indian Kisans

WITH the ongoing peasant struggle in India, the global Indian diaspora, especially those with roots in Punjab and Haryana, people of the Indian descent, are protesting in favour of the kisan movement where Indian farmers are fighting against new anti-farmer legislation which was recently passed by the Indian government. These farm laws were passed without any consultation from farmers, farmers unions or agricultural or environmental experts.

Success of Cuba’s fight against Coronavirus

ON January 1, 2021, Cuban revolution completed 62 years. The socialist revolution carried out by a group of highly motivated individuals under the leadership of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara among numerous others in this small island nation in the Caribbean Sea in 1959 has since attempted to create an egalitarian society with a high standard of living for all its citizens sans exploitation. In the last six decades, it has survived continued imperialist assaults and built strong solidarity among its citizens.

US Elections: A Relief and Challenges Ahead

ELECTIONS to the United States of America had concluded and almost all the results are out (counting is still taking place and a re-counting ordered in Georgia). The elections results are conclusively called in favour of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party presidential candidate, who served as former vice-president during the Obama presidency. After nearly thirty years, an incumbent president was defeated in the US, but Donald Trump is refusing to concede.

Beware: Wicked US Imperialism in our Region

TO better understand the real reasons behind the frequent visits of the officials of US administration to India and their interest in our region, one needs to study some of the recent documents of the US administration. A series of documents starting from the National Security Strategy (2017), Indo-Pacific Strategy Report: Preparedness, Partnerships, and Promoting a Networked Region (2019) to the latest titled United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China (August 2020), help us in developing our understanding.

People Celebrate their Victory in Bolivia

BOLIVIA's Electoral Supreme Court (TSE) declared Luis Arce, the elected president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and David Choquehuanca as vice-president after the official vote counting showed that Arce's party, the Movement Towards Socialism, reached a landslide victory of 55.10 per cent of the votes. About 6,483,893 Bolivians out of the 7,332,926 registered went to the polls, representing a participation rate of 88.4 per cent, the second-highest in Bolivia's history.

Bolivia Fights Back

IN an inspiring electoral victory, Luis Arce of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), secured an overwhelming first-round win in the presidential elections in Bolivia. Arce won around 52.4 per cent of the votes according to various exit polls that were certified by the Supreme Election Tribunal of Bolivia. He decisively defeated right-wing candidate Carlos Mesa, who secured 31.2 per cent votes. This huge difference of more than 20 per cent votes has forced the opposition to accept the results.


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