Protesters Press for Change in Iran

AT the beginning of November, Teachers in Iran went on strike for two consecutive days across 27 major cities in Iran. The action is the second round of strikes since mid-October and is aimed at putting pressure upon the government to carry out educational reforms and end mismanagement. The teachers’ action is also protesting against low wages and the violations of the educational rights of students and minorities.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The Victory of Alexandria Cortez

APART from whatever is happening with Trump and his ‘eccentricities’, many other significant developments are taking place within the US. One such significant development is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory in the New York Democratic primary election. Recognising its significance, the New York Times Sunday Review featured a cover story, ‘The Millennial Socialists Are Coming’, about her and other candidates of her like.

Who is AMLO?

A SIMPLISTIC answer to this question would be, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, popularly called AMLO, is the president-elect of Mexico. But this is not all. The real answer to the question can only be understood when it is located in the broad political conditions in which the Mexican elections had taken place, the politics of AMLO and his party.

Public meeting of Indo Canadian Workers Association

A PUBLIC meeting of Indo Canadian Workers Association (ICWA) of Canada was organised in Surrey, Canada on June 30, 2018. Tikender Singh Panwar former deputy mayor of Shimla and member of the CPI(M)’s PD/Lok Lahar unit was the chief guest and the key note speaker. This public meeting was attended by near 100 people from different walks of life. Tikender had come to address the world cities congress in Montreal on climate change and on this occasion participated in the ICWA meeting.

Centenary Committee Demands Formal Apology from the British for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

THE Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 1919, Centenary Committee, on June 19, demanded a formal apology, from the serving British prime minister, in their parliament.

A campaign was initiated by the Indian Workers’ Association Great Britain in 2016, demanding from David Cameron, former prime minister, to repeat the same words in parliament that were written by him in the visitor’s book in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar, on February 2013.

‘Civil war in G7’: The Free for All in Quebec

THE allegations and counter allegations were flying thick and fast! The summit of the G-7 in Quebec in Canada saw these fireworks. This was not an abrupt development; but the magnitude of spat was mind boggling. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office released a photo of multiple leaders appearing to confront a displeased Trump. Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, used the image in his own Twit criticising foreign leaders observed, “Just another #G7 where other countries expect America will always be their bank. The President made it clear today. No more.”

France 1968 and 2018 : Fifty Years On, the spirit of May 1968 Surges Through France Again

EXACTLY fifty years ago this month, France was aflame. In one of the world’s most developed capitalist economies, the ‘impossible’ – the prospect of revolution from below – struck suddenly with resounding force, fury and festivity. Students and workers in their millions spilled onto the streets, closing factories, occupying campuses and triggering the biggest general strike France has ever known. The government of the day, headed by President Charles de Gaulle, was plunged into panic.

Venezuela Elections – Overcoming Odds, Maduro Triumphs

VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as the president on May 20, with 6.2 million votes, beating out his closest rival Henri Falcon, who secured 1.9 million votes. Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) announced the result stating that Maduro had won with 67.79 per cent of all votes cast, ahead of Henri Falcon, who won 21.01 per cent. Due to a boycott announced by the main opposition parties of the right-wing Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) coalition, the turnout was 46 per cent, with only 9,085,629 of Venezuela’s 20,527,571 registered voters casting ballots.


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