President Pedro Castillo of Peru and The Attempt to Undermine Him

PEDRO Castillo of the Perú Libre party has already begun to receive congratulations from around the world. It is beyond doubt that he won the June 6 presidential election. The Peruvian Electoral Authority – ONPE – announced the final results: Castillo won 50.137 per cent of the vote (8.83 million votes), while his opponent in the second round Keiko Fujimori of Fuerza Popular won 49.893 per cent (8.78 million votes). This is with 100 per cent of the votes.

Peru: Trade Union Activist Wins Presidency

IN a tightly fought run-off election to elect the president of Peru, a school teacher and progressive activist, Pedro Castillo won by securing 50.2 per cent (8,791,778) of the total votes polled. He narrowly defeated Keiko Fujimori, a right-wing neoliberal, who secured 49.7 per cent (8,720,337) votes. In a country of 32 million people, where 17 million of the eligible 24 million had voted, the victory margin is a small 71,443 votes. Though the margin of victory is small, its significance is enormous.

Israel’s Terrifying War against Palestinians

ON May 6, 2021, Israeli officials arrived at Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood to support the Zionist settlers who were in the midst of a campaign to evict Palestinian families from their homes. East Jerusalem, where Sheikh Jarrah is located, has been under Israeli occupation since 1967; ‘occupation’ is a technical term, since the United Nations Security Council resolution 242 (1967) protected the seized areas of East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank as areas to be treated by Israel as the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

Historic Victory in Chile

MAY 16, 2021 will be a historic date for Chile. On that day, people of Chile have elected 155 members to the constituent assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution. Around 43 per cent of the Chileans (6.4 millions) voted in these elections, apart from voting for the election of 16 governors, 345 mayors, and 2,252 councilors. What is historic is not the simple fact that they had voted. It is the decisive defeat of the right-wing forces that makes this day historic.

G7: Or Failed Colonial Powers Telling the World What to Do

THE G7 foreign ministers of G7 countries met in London this week and issued a joint statement painting Russia as a malicious actor and China as a bully. It had little substance in its communique, apart from ticking all the “right” boxes in its anti-China and anti-Russia campaign: Uyghur’s, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Crimea, Ukraine. It ended with arrogating to itself the mantle of being the “rules-based international order”, distinct from what the real lawful international order is, the United Nations and the Security Council.


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