The Afghan Quagmire

DONALD Trump on the campaign trail was an avowed anti-interventionist. He had kept on repeating that the American led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular were ill advised and a costly drain on the country's exchequer. With reference to the war in Afghanistan, Trump had said that it was time to get out of the country. The American military under the Trump administration is showing no signs of leaving Iraq either. And, unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama, Trump crossed a red line in Syria by ordering Cruise missile strikes against Syria on the flimsiest of pretexts.

On the Rohingyas Issue

The South Asian Regional Seminar of Communist and Left parties expresses its serious concern about the grave humanitarian crisis regarding the Rohingyas who have been rendered as human beings belonging to nowhere as a result of the incessant terror and acts of violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. Rohingya population are forced to leave their homes and hearths and move to neighbouring countries in order to survive. Bangladesh has borne the brunt of such an exodus of refugees.

Korean Peninsula on the Edge

THE last couple of months have seen the crisis in the Korean peninsula escalating to unprecedented levels and there are no indications that the dangerous situation is going to be defused any time soon, going by the statements coming from Washington. In the first week of September, even as BRICS leaders had started assembling in the Chinese city of Xiamen for their annual summit, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test so far.

South Asian Theoretical Workshop in China

ON the invitation of the international department of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Tapati Mukherjee and I attended the South Asian Theoretical Workshop as representatives of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Apart from the CPI(M), representatives of the CPI and the AIFB attended the workshop from India. In total, representatives of 15 Left parties from South Asia participated in it.

Ghadri Memorial Mela held in Surrey

THE Indo Canadian Workers Association of Canada held its annual mela in Surrey, Canada on September 10.  This was the 17th annual mela in row.

This year’s mela was dedicated to the great martyr Ghadar Bhai Balwant Singh Khurdpur, Babu Ram Fatehpur (Hospiarpur), Hafiz Abdullah (Jagraon), Harnam Singh Saini (Fetehgarh), Dr Arud Singh (Sanghwal) and the 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution.

India at 70: From Non-Alignment to Strategic Partnership

JAWAHARLAL Nehru, the architect of India's independent foreign policy, had prioritised non-alignment and the solidarity with the developing world as the main guiding force. The nation was guided by this policy till the late 1980's. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the historic Asian Relation Conference (ARC) hosted by India. The conference chaired by Nehru marked the arrival of India on the world stage. It was attended by many leaders from Asian countries which were on the verge of gaining independence.

Brazil: Tumultuous Politics

THE entire political class in Brazil, cutting across the ideological divide, seem to be living on a knives edge. An activist section of the Brazilian judiciary has been energised since the ouster of President Dilma Roussef last year. There were no specific corruption charges against Dilma Roussef. The accusations against her were that she lied about the size of the government deficit and that she borrowed from a state owned bank to cover up the budgetary deficit.

North Korea’s ICBM Test

THE two successful test firings of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  (ICBM) by North Korea on July 4 has added a new dimension to the crisis in the Korean peninsula. President Donald Trump had pledged after taking over that he would not allow Pyongyang to gatecrash into the elite club of nations possessing this kind of missile technology under his watch. “It won't happen”, Trump had tweeted in January.

ILC Holds its 106th Session in Geneva

THE 106th International Labour Conference was held on June 5-16, at Geneva. The governing body of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) after several rounds of meetings held throughout the year finalised four topics for discussion and adopting resolutions. They were- i) labour migration; ii) employment and decent work for peace and resilience; iii) recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of fundamental principles and rights at work; iv) abrogation of certain old conventions.


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