Despite US Blockade, Cuban Pharma Industry Producing Needed COVID-19 Medicines

ALTHOUGH there is no preventive vaccine or specific treatment at this time for the new coronavirus SARS COV-2, which causes COVID-19, the Cuban pharmaceutical industry is guaranteeing production of proven, high efficacy treatment medications, including recombinant human interferon alpha 2b, in addition to another group of drugs that are included in protocols for treating patients with this disease and the complications that may arise.

Cuba: The Revolution’s Humanist Practice

Amidst the battle against Covid-19 on the island, the Cuban government has decided to continue international medical collaboration joining efforts around the world to contain the epidemic

#CubaSalva has taken off as a hashtag on social media and is even used in popular conversation, beyond the Internet, to refer to our country’s position in the complex situation the world is experiencing with the exploding Covid-19 pandemic.

France on Strike: “We’re fighting Macron and his World!”

SINCE early December 2019, workers, students and pensioners across France have been staging a magnificent fightback against president Emmanuel Macron and his project of neoliberal ‘reform’. Beginning with an insurgent day of strike and street action on December 5, which mobilised more than a million people, protestors have continued their walkout from work and presence on the streets for six weeks now – the longest wave of continuous strikes in recent French history.

Britain: Ambivalent Labour lost the elections

IN the General Elections held on December 12 in Britain, ruling Tory party has increased its vote share and secured a huge majority. Out of 650, the Tories under Boris Johnson have won 364 seats providing them with a 78 majority, compared to the Labour Party reduced to 203 MP’s in the House of Commons (Lower House).

How or why it happened, after the opposition itself agreed to an early election? This is a question that will continue to be debated.

Order of the Day: Militant and Sustained Protests

MILITANT and sustained protests have become the new norm in many countries. Just a few days back (November 17), the Yellow Vests (gilets jaunes) protests in France observed their first anniversary, protests in Haiti breached the ten-week mark, while the Chilean protests crossed thirty days, similarly in Lebanon and Iraq. On the other hand, Bolivia and Iran have now joined the long list of countries that are witnessing major protest demonstrations.

IMCWP Holds its 21st Meeting in Turkey

THE 21st International Meeting of Communists and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) appealed for joint actions of workers, peasants and other toiling masses in different corners of the world on their common issues as well as for peace and socialism. It was stressed in the deliberations that in the fight for social transformation, the revolutionary forces will have to evolve country- specific strategy and tactics, on the basis of the concrete analysis of the concrete situation. 


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