Imperial Fangs on Venezuela

THE fangs of US imperialism are bared once again. In a brazen attempt to dislodge the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, US has extended its open support to Juan Guaido to carry out a coup. It has even called on the military to rebel against the Maduro government. This is yet another instance of the extent the US can go, to ensure regime changes in countries that stand up to its hegemonic policies.

A 100 Years after Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, India Still Awaits British Apology

A PEACEFUL demonstration against the Rowlatt Act at Jallianwala Bagh on April 13, 1919, turned into a site of massacre by the British government, killing more than thousands of protestors including women and children. A hundred years from then, the British government still fails to render an apology for one of the most heinous crimes it had ever committed.

The Yellow Jackets Keep France Aflame!

ON Saturday January 19, ordinary French people in their tens of thousands were again out on the streets of France, sporting the yellow safety vests that have become a global symbol of revolt. Since materialising as if from nowhere on November 17, 2018, and despite full-on brutal State efforts to contain it, the movement of the Yellow Jackets (Gilets jaunes) continues to confront French President Emmanuel Macron with his gravest crisis yet.

Bangladesh Garment Workers Strike: One Dead, 50 Injured

THOUSANDS of Bangladeshi garment workers churning out clothes for top global brands went on strike on January 13 and clashed with police as protests over low wages entered a second week.

Police said water cannons and tear gas were fired to disperse huge crowds of striking factory workers in Savar, a garment hub just outside the capital Dhaka.

So far 52 factories, including some big ones, have shut down operations due to the protests.

Bangladesh Elections: Landslide Victory for Sheikh Hasina, Opposition Allege Foul Play

SHEIKH Hasina-led Awami League and Mahajote (Grand Alliance) registered an unprecedented victory in the history of Bangladesh in the 11th Jatiya Sangsad (National Parliament) elections, by securing 288 out of 298 seats. However, the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led Jatiya Oikya Front (National Unity Front) and Left Democratic Front led by Communist Party of Bangladesh have rejected the results alleging widespread violence, rigging and manipulations. The Jatiya Oikya Front demanded fresh elections under a neutral caretaker government.

Jallianwala Bagh Centenary Observed in Canada

ON December 8, continuing the tradition of the Indo Canadian Workers Association (ICWA), annual calendar was released at Surrey, Canada in Strawberry Hill Library. The calendar was dedicated to the Gadar movement heroes who laid down their lives for the freedom movement of India and to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which took place 100 years ago. Observing the centenary of the massacre, in which nearly 1,000 innocent people were killed, the ICWA held a large meeting in which people from all walks of life participated.

Why is France Burning?

FRANCE, for the last four weeks, has been witnessing one of the major political demonstrations since 1968, ie, almost after fifty years. While the 1968 demonstrations were hailed as the ‘student demonstrations’ that initiated a popular movement against the then governments in many of the capitalist States, there is a substantial difference with what is now taking place in France. The present protests are mainly led by the toiling classes in the country, chiefly those from the rural regions, with students too joining them at a later stage.

“To Remain or not to Remain”, is the Question Tearing UK Apart

ON first of January 1973, the UK which consists of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar joined the European Economic Community.

The European Economic Community was a regional organisation which aimed to bring about economic integration among its member states. It was created by the Treaty of Rome of 1957. The EEC established a common market, which gave members the freedom to move goods, services, capital and people, and also a customs union among the founding states.


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