June 02, 2024

Corruption Grows in the Ten Years of BJP’s Rule

Sanjay Parate

THE BJP's chaal, chehra and charitra is clear. It is no longer a secret that the world's so-called biggest party and its parent organisation RSS are actually the world's richest party and organisation. This wealth is not based on the donations of the party workers and the general public, but on the loot of the common people and the country's resources. Due to this loot, the corporates, especially Modi's favorite friends Adani and Ambani, have become rich, so rich that in these ten years they have become one of the world's biggest money vampires, and the Sangh-BJP, which obliged them, has also become the world's richest organization and political party. Such ruthless and shameless loot of a poor country may not have happened even during the British rule.

If the details of various scams, corruption and irregularities that have taken place during the tenure of BJP government at the centre and in states in the last ten years, collected by the website corruptmodi.com, are added, then these scams, corruptions and frauds roughly amount to Rs 10 lakh crores. There was not a single month in the last 10 years when some corruption under the BJP rule was not exposed and there was not a single year when the country and its people were not cheated of Rs 1 lakh crores.

The combined amount of scams and frauds collected by this website is above Rs 10 lakh crores. The Sangh-BJP government at the centre and in various states has been directly involved in these scams. These scams have been highlighted on a large scale in the national media, yet no action has been taken against anyone in any of the cases. Besides, there are countless cases which have been cunningly suppressed by the godi media and propagated as “mere baseless allegations of the opposition”. The scams compiled by the website are only the upper part of the corruption iceberg, which is visible. The lower part of the iceberg is ‘Bhrashtachar Katha Ananta’. However generous we may be, this invisible amount will still be more than the visible amount. Thus, the story of the BJP is the story of scams and frauds worth at least Rs 20 lakh crore.

How much is the number Rs 20 lakh crores, formed by adding 13 zeros after 2? To know this, we can take the help of our economy and budget. This is such a huge amount that it is almost half of the total budget expenditure of the year 2023-24 and almost double the capital expenditure of the interim budget of the year 2024-25. This amount is more than 6 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP). This is such a huge amount that it can cover our 23 years of MNREGA or health budget or 16 years of agriculture welfare ministry's budget. This is such a huge amount that it can run the mid-day meal scheme for 172 years or child development schemes through anganwadis for 94 years. With this amount, 11 lakh government and government-aided schools of the country could be developed as model schools and quality schools and higher education could be arranged for the next 18 years. With this amount, the central government could arrange for food subsidy for the poor for the next 10 years. With this amount, the needs of rural housing could be met for the next 37 years. With this amount, unemployment allowance or pension could be given to 10 crore young unemployed and elderly people of the country at the rate of Rs 5000 per month for the next 3-4 years. This amount is equal to the 33 years budget of the so-called Samman Nidhi being given to the farmers of the country. This amount is equal to the combined income of 28 crore people struggling to survive at the lowest level of the country.

With the help of these facts, it can be understood that the BJP, which makes the jumlebaji of 'developed India', has looted the country on a large scale in these ten years. In reality, the BJP has betrayed the dream of the common people, who want to see India as a developed India on the scale of human development index. In these Lok Sabha elections, the BJP wants a mandate for 'corporate India' and corporate loot of the country's resources, through which it can loot another Rs 50 lakh crores for itself in the next 23 years. But the common people are not going to give BJP this opportunity.

This is the reason that till the last round of these elections, the BJP has not talked about its achievements of last 10 years. Whatever promises it had made in the last two elections, today it is silent on those promises. Its agenda includes those issues which can divide people on the basis of caste, religion and hatred. Words like fish, mutton, chicken, temple, Muslim, mujra are pouring out of the prime minister's mouth and the general public is watching him being ridiculed. Now it is clear that even after 75 years of independence, the Sanghi gang has not been able to imbibe the values of social justice, democracy, secularism and brotherhood enshrined in the constitution. Even today, it wants to advance the caste system of Manu, which it advocated before independence. The dream of the BJP and the Sanghi gang is to create an "underdeveloped and stupid India" in a developed and scientific world. The people of India are ready to decisively reject this Sanghi dream and instensify the struggles to create an exploitation-free and equality-based India. The people of the country are going to announce this on June 4.