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On the Dera Sacha Sauda Episode

“I salute this land of deras” – this is how Narendra Modi started his address to an election rally in Sirsa in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. And his opening sentence in another election rally in Jind during the campaign was: “I salute this land of Khaps!” There remains no doubt about the complicity of the BJP government in Haryana after the orgy of arson and violence following the August 25 conviction, by a Panchkula-based special CBI court, of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet alias Ram Rahim for rape of his two followers.

Stop Social Boycott in Garagaparru village

IN the recent period both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, attacks and atrocities on dalits are on an increase. In Telangana, during the last three months, there have been about 18 such instances. A considerable number of these attacks are happening when there are inter-caste marriages. Andhra Pradesh has registered several incidents – Deverapalli, Pachikapallam and particularly the social boycott in Garagaparru are some recent examples. Dalits are being socially boycotted since three months in this village.

ANDHRA PRADESH: Dalits Struggle for Self Respect

With the pressure exerted by the activities of the KVPS and Mahabharatha Hakkula Porata Committee, the district administration was forced to intervene and ensure that dalits are allowed participation in the conduct of Mahabharat festival. The district collector and superintendent of police had conducted many parlays with the upper caste people and the dalits that ultimately forced the upper castes to concede to the demands of the dalits.

Slanderous Campaigns Against Muslims and the Facts

“HUM paanch, Hamare pachees” - Narendra Modi himself mocked the Muslim community. The slogan ‘Hum do hamare do’ (we two, our two) implied a couple of wife and husband having two children. Modi meant that a Muslim man generally was having four wives, this counted to five and these five persons were having a total twenty-five children. The then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi made this comment in 2002. In February of that year, we witnessed the carnage in Gujarat after Godhra incident.  The election was after few months.  In several places, he was delivering speeches at that time.

SHABBIRPUR VIOLENCE: DSMM Delegation Meets NHRC Chairperson

A DEPUTATION consisting of three members of the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch – Nathu Prasad, Surinder and Subhashini Ali (ex MP) met the National Human Rights Commission chairperson and gave him a memorandum on the brutal attack on dalit families in Shabbirpur village in Uttar Pradesh on May 5.  Members of the DSMM have been visiting the village and also the injured in the district hospital several times since May 9. 

MAHARASHTRA: AARM Holds Second State Conference

“There are 12 crore tribals in the country. There is a large tribal population in 170-175 districts in the country. The SECC survey of 2011 has shown that tribals are the most backward sections of society. 65 percent of tribals are landless. The income of 90 percent of tribals is less than Rs 5000 per month. Why has such a situation arisen even after 70 years of independence? This is because of the disastrous policies of successive governments, and the current BJP regime is the worst in this regard.

The ‘RSS Factor’ in Dalit Politics

AFTER the massive win in Uttar Pradesh, the prime minister has announced that the stage is set for a ‘New India’ which is based on development and not on the politics of caste or religion. This claim is based on the understanding that the people of UP defied the caste and religious equations this time to defeat the forces of ‘castiest’ and ‘communal politics of BSP and SP-INC combine’ in order to support social harmony and development in the state.


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