Vol. XLII No. 19 May 13, 2018

DSMM Condemns Murder of Sachin Valiya

The DSMM strongly condemns the dastardly murder of Sachin Valiya, younger brother of Kamal Valiya the District President of Bhim Army, Saharanpur.  It is completely outrageous that this crime was committed exactly one year after the protest against the dalits of Shabbirpur village in the district by a section of Rajputs who were shouting slogans against Dr. Ambedkar while purportedly celebrating the Rana Pratap Jayanti.  The Bhim Army in the district had warned the administration that more attacks would take place this year.  They demanded that a ban be imposed on processions which they feared would lead to attacks on dalits.  Their fears were proved tragically well-founded when Sachin was shot dead just outside his house in broad daylight. Hundreds of policemen were present all around to maintain security.  To add insult to injury, a police officer announced that he had died from a freak bullet released while he was cleaning his fire-arm.  This was later denied by the SSP.  No arrests have been made so far.

The State Govt. of UP has declared war on dalits, Muslims, women and the poor.  In Saharanpur, the Bhim Army is being targeted as it is seen as a organization working among dalits in villages and attracting thousands of young dalits to its fold.  Its leader Chandrashekhar is being held under NSA along with 2 dalit residents of Shabbirpur.  Its national president is also in jail and now one of its young leaders has been gunned down in cold blood.

The DSMM demands the release of all Bhim Army leaders in jail and dalits arrested under NSA; it demands immediate arrest of those responsible for Sachin’s killing; it demands an enquiry into the attacks on dalits that took place in 2017 so that such incidents can be avoided; it demands payment of compensation to Sachin’s family.