Malappuram Election: LDF Strengthens Mass Base

THOUGH the opposition UDF’s candidate PK Kunjalikkutty has registered a comfortable victory in the by-election to Malappuram Lok Sabha constituency, the LDF has registered a huge increase of more than one lakh votes. LDF’s candidate MB Fasal gained 1,01,303 votes more when compared to the 2014 general election. Another interesting factor is BJP could hardly get a thousand votes more than last election, even when the number of voters increased by 1,14,975.

Beef Controversy in Kerala

DRAGGING his party into controversy, N Sreeprakash, BJP candidate for Malappuram Lok Sabha by-election, has promised that he will bring ‘halal’ beef to the voters, if they give mandate in his favour. The embarrassment of BJP’s national and state leadership was visible as they kept mum on the issue. Sreeprakash while addressing a press meet, promised to supply quality beef from clean slaughter houses. He clarified that the BJP was not against beef consumption, but only against illegal slaughter houses.

Aspirations for a New Kerala on EMS Ministry’s 60th Anniversary

KERALA’S first ministry was a milestone in the history of the world, especially with regard to the communist movements. It was set apart by the fact that it was the first ministry to assume office in the bourgeois parliamentary structure. A communist rule in the small corner of a country, governed by a constitution, built on the principles of bourgeoisie democracy. This was unprecedented in the history of the international communist movement.

KERALA: Conspiracy Targeting CPI(M) Exposed

IN a stunning revelation, an RSS cadre has claimed his involvement in a political murder in Kerala in 2006 for which the CBI had arrested senior CPI(M) leaders, thereby laying bare a diabolical plot to witch-hunt the CPI(M) and its leaders. A conspiracy hatched by the CBI in the Fazal murder case, which had put CPI(M) Kannur district secretariat member Karayi Rajan, district committee member Karayi Chandrasekharan and six others behind bars, has been trashed by the revelation of RSS cadre Subeesh.


CBI Frame-up

Gnanpeeth Awardee M T Vasudevan Nair Becomes Sangh Parivar’s Latest Target

GNANPEETH award-wining author M T Vasudevan Nair has become the latest target of Sangh Parivar in Kerala for his stand against demonetisation. Nair, the most popular novelist and national award-winning film script writer, was threatened by BJP’s state general secretary A N Radhakrishnan. The BJP leader warned that Nair should remain silent on issues like demonetisation as he has no locus standi in reacting on such matters. The dreadful tirade of Sangh Parivar against Nair has generated huge remonstration among the intellectual and progressive forces.

Human Chain in Kerala Turns into a Huge Human Wall against Demonetisation Crisis

THE extreme wrath of people against the inhuman reforms in the name of demonetisation got reflected in the formation of human chain across Kerala on December 29. Though the Left and Democratic Front had decided to organise a human chain, the colossal gathering of the people from all walks of life turned the human chain into a huge human wall. Lakhs of people joined together along the more than 700 kilometres long National Highway from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode.

LDF to Form 700-km-long Human Chain in Kerala to Protest Demonetisation

The Left Democratic Front will organise, on December 29, a 700-km-long human chain extending from the Raj Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram to the northernmost Kasargode to protest the demonetisation drive which has crippled the state's cooperative banking sector.

A statement issued by the Communist Party of India(Marxist) said that it has directed all the Left Democratic Front cadres and supporters to see that they arrive at their designated places by 4 pm and by 5 pm they all should stand with their hands held together .


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