Assault on the Constitutional Values of Secularism

THE Prasar Bharti which was ultimately set up by an Act of Parliament in 1998, having undergone several changes from the original version of 1990 was conceived to ensure a degree of autonomy to the public broadcaster while still maintaining Parliamentary oversight. In the section on its mandate, there are several clauses in the law reading from Clause A to Clause P.

What Hides Beneath RSS’ New-found Love for Dalits

SUDDENLY the RSS is showering Dalits with lots of love. Suddenly? Or is it planned? As things are unveiling, it appears more of a design than a spontaneous realisation. The RSS leaders, reports indicate, have written forewords to three books on Dalits written by the spokesperson of their political arm – the BJP. Whenever the RSS and its associates dabble with history, it is sure to evoke enormous interest.

WEST BENGAL: Saradha Money Used in 2011 Elections

INVESTIGATIONS into the Saradha Chit Fund scam has exposed that a huge sum from the fraudulent business was spent to ensure the victory of Trinamool Congress in 2011 West Bengal assembly elections. According to media reports quoting investigation agency sources and depositions by some of the accused, at least Rs 130 crores was supplied to the TMC before the elections. It has been also reported that the TMC candidates received a part of this money for spending in the campaign.

The Reality of Provident Fund Linked Pension

PENSION is a demand of all workers, in anticipation of a decent retired life.  Indian working class has a long history of struggles for a social security scheme guaranteeing a dignified life.  But the situation in the country has been such that a large majority of Indian working people do not even get wages to ensure a decent living while they are working. It is estimated that only 11 percent of workers in India get some sort of pension benefits.


Ferguson Shooting Exposes Deep-rooted Racial Schism in the US

SINCE the last fortnight Ferguson, a town in Missouri, United States, is burning with indignation and protests. The spark that lit off the protests is the shooting of an 18-year old Afro-American, Michael Brown. The New York Times in its editorial stated that the “circumstances of Mr. Brown’s death are, inevitably, in dispute. Witnesses said he was walking home from a convenience store when stopped by an officer for walking in the middle of the street, and they accused the officer of shooting him multiple times when his hands were raised over his head. The police said Mr.

First World War Today

HEADS of 83 countries, monarchs and elected presidents/prime ministers included, converged in Belgium to commemorate the centenary of the World War (the war to end all wars!), while Israel is bombarding Gaza. New York Times reporting the event writes “Some took the moment to recall more modern crises in the Middle East and Europe that are rooted in the fighting between 1914 and 1918 that toppled empires and redrew the world map. Some dwelled on a vision of reconciliation among former foes”.

Catch them Young It is the Textbooks Once Again

AS the first full session of the newly elected parliament comes to a close, it has been clearly established that the economic path of the BJP government will not be any different from that of the Congress. On the contrary, the policy pronouncements of the BJP government betray its aggressive intent in furthering the neo-liberal policy trajectory. So, the natural question, wherein lies the difference between the two governments is now slowly being answered – it will be in injecting communal venom into the society using its reins on State power.



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