RESISTANCE against fascism has always come from two quarters, the Left, and the liberal bourgeoisie. The Second World War was fought between the fascist powers on one side and an alliance of the Soviet Union with liberal bourgeois States on the other. Even in anti-fascist resistance movements in Europe, there was, apart from the Communist contingent, a liberal bourgeois one as well, whose leading personality in France for instance was Charles De Gaulle.

MB and the International Communist Movement

MAKINENI Basavapunnaiah was one of the shrewdest practitioners of Marxism-Leninism in our country. This year we are observing his birth centenary and April 12 is his 22nd death anniversary. MB, as he was called, is one of the best Marxist theoreticians produced by the Indian communist movement. He belongs to that generation of communists who built the Party virtually from scratch into a force to reckon. This was possible only due to a proper application of their theoretical knowledge to the practical conditions of the country.

Remembering International Women’s Day

Congratulations. Let us celebrate. It is not for Women's Day alone. The Forbes magazine has come out with some good news about Indian women. Yes, the Forbes magazine, that talks about wealth and rich people! The magazine has proudly declared that, “It was a record-breaking year for women on the Forbes list of the world billionaires”. It seems two Indian women had made it to the list. So, time for celebrations. Needn't worry about finding a space to celebrate, as there is so much variety to choose from – we are really spoilt for choice.

Neo-Liberalism and Democracy

THE viability of democracy requires a belief among people that they can make a difference to their lives by participating in the democratic process. This belief may be a false one; it may be a mere illusion. But unless this illusion exists, people become not just cynical about the democratic process but despondent about their capacity to make any difference to their lives through their own efforts. Such despondency then leads to their quest for a “saviour” or a “messiah” supposedly endowed with extraordinary powers who can come to their rescue.

Camouflaging Aadhaar's Neo-Liberal Objectives1

IS Aadhaar compulsory? If so, what is its legal basis? Without Aadhaar, can one buy subsidised cooking gas? What is the government's policy on this? In fact, the UPA government’s response to these questions is marked by “intentional ambiguity”. Ambiguity is intentional because the intentions of the government are completely different from what it proclaims; hence, the ambiguity maintained is deliberate. The UPA government's strategy of “intentional ambiguity” regarding Aadhaar has had elements of obfuscation, misinterpretation, inconsistency and dishonesty.

Pete Seeger Will Keep on Singing

THAT was November 1977. One of the worst natural disasters – a typhoon and a tidal wave swept across the coastal Andhra Pradesh and in Krishna district alone more than 10,000 people lost their lives. Even before the government could wake up and organise relief measures, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), led by Comrade P Sundarayya personally visited the affected areas and organised relief efforts. As a part of the relief that was mobilised, a team from West Bengal visited the areas and distributed essential materials and also organised medical camps.


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