Latin America: Tolling Bells of Alarm

THE news coming from Latin America for the past few days is not encouraging. First, it was the defeat of the Peronist candidate Daniel Scioli in Argentina in the run-off for the presidential election. Then came the news of the moves to impeach Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and finally, the opposition victory in the legislative elections in Venezuela. All these events are certainly blows to the centre-left, Left, progressive governments in the continent and Left and progressive forces throughout the world.

Directionless Foreign Policy

NARENDRA Modi in 18 months of his prime ministership has convinced all those who are already committed to extend support to him that he has successfully presented and projected India’s national interests during his foreign visits and foreign policy of India is quite safe in his hands.

KARNATAKA: Sangh Parivar Whips Up Communal Passion on Tipu Birthday

THE BJP and the Sangh Parivar in Karnataka once again are in the game of disturbing communal harmony in the state. This time around it was on the pretext of opposing the birth anniversary celebrations of 18th century ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan. The Congress government in Karnataka has decided to celebrate the Tipu birthday officially from this year onwards and it prepared to conduct official functions throughout the state on November 10.

Goodbye MDGs – Welcome SDGs

THIS year, 2015, marks the end of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The end of MDGs should not mean that all the targets set in them are reached. Instead, their place is taken by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The advance edition of the Global Monitoring Report 2015/2016: Development Goals in an Era of Demographic Change, a joint publication of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, keeping this transition in mind, depicts the world to be at a “global development crossroads”.

Modi’s Visit to Silicon Valley & Digital India

THE visit of Narendra Modi to the world’s leading tech hub, Silicon Valley, and his meeting with giant IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc, have made an extreme media hype. The corporate media campaigned in such a tune as if Modi had uplifted this country to a new level of technological advancement through his visit. There is no doubt that Indians may use more smart phones, more high tech cars and other high tech appliances in future, but that does not mean that India will be technologically advanced.

Swachh Bharat or Maleen Bharat?

THERE is stench all around us. Dirt piling up, people urinating on the roads and defecating in the open – all these continue to offend our sensibilities. So, suddenly when there came a prime minister who stood upon the ramparts of the Red Fort to address all of us, on the issue confronting all of us, we are all more than happy. Here comes the doer! Come tomorrow, we need not be closing our nostrils when we move around! More than all this, we need not be ashamed of our roads, cities or our country. Particularly, before foreigners. Doer, he is, deliver he will.

The Political Potential of ‘Paper Rebellion’: Some Lessons from History

FINANCE minister Arun Jaitley has characterised the expanding revolt by eminent award winning writers against the growing assault on constitutional fundamental rights by a neo-conservative regime, as a ‘paper rebellion’ and a manufactured revolt. Such a statement shows that the NDA government is either blissfully ignorant of history or has refused to learn its lessons from past experience. It also shows the brutal power and arrogance of a majoritarian regime that is determined to curb dissent and spread religious intolerance.

Political Economy of Holy Cow

THE RSS and dozens of its so-called socio-cultural outfits have become very aggressive in unleashing violence during recent months since the BJP assumed power on its own under the leadership of Narender Modi. In spite of false tall promises and acute anti incumbency against the UPA-2 government, the BJP had got a mere 31 percent of the vote share.


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