Agrarian Issues

Paltry Increase in Sugarcane Prices

THE Narendra Modi led BJP government has announced the Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) of sugarcane for the season 2020-21 as Rs 2850 per tonne for a recovery rate of 10 per cent. The government which did not make any increase in the sugarcane price last year has now declared only Rs 100 increase per tonne. This increase is pittance when compared to the huge increase in input costs and overall costs of cultivation.

Govt Hoarding Foodgrains in Times of Hunger is Criminal: AIKS

ON June 1, Food Corporation of India had 10.4 crore tonnes of foodgrains. Never before has the government hoarded such a large quantity of foodgrains. This is 83.3 lakh tonnes in excess of what the government needs for operational and emergency requirements. The All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on June 24, has said that it is criminal to hoard such a large quantity of grains during a crisis such as the present, when hunger and food insecurity affects a vast majority of people in India.

Stop Corporatisation of Agriculture

THE All India Kisan Sabha has decided to send one lakh letters to the president, the prime minister and agriculture minister by email demanding to stop corporatisation of agriculture and ensure income support, health security, food, MSP, jobs and minimum wages. Letters were sent from the all India centre by Hannan Mollah, general secretary and Ashok Dhawale, president, on June 20. The online campaign also demands repeal of the three anti-farmer ordinances and amendment to Electricity Act.

AIAWU Demands Unemployment Allowance for Agri Workers

THE country is in a fear psychosis because of the ever increasing cases of coronavirus infected, which need to be prevented from going out of hand. All public institutions starting from Supreme Court to educational institutions are going through self imposed quarantines. Several government offices have become temporarily dysfunctional. The government itself is asking people to restrict themselves to their homes.

Countrywide Protests planned against Trump’s visit

RAISING slogans like: “go back trump”, “hands off Indian agriculture”, “no to opening up of poultry and dairy market to US products”, the AIKS has decided to build a strong opposition to the visit of Donal Trump, president of the United States of America.  The AIKS in a statement issued on February 17, has opposed the decision of the Narendra Modi led BJP government to invite US president to India on February 24 and 25, 2020 and facilitate the signing of trade agreements to open up the dairy and poultry market to US products.

Protest against Bolsonaro: AIKS, AIDWA, SFI hold a protest at Jantar- Mantar

PROTESTS were organised in several places of country on January 25, against the visit of Brazilian President, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who was invited as chief guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations on January 26 by Narendra Modi government.  All India Sugarcane Farmers’ Federation (affiliated to All India Kisan Sabha) had given call for protest actions to its units.


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