Agrarian Issues

AIAWU to Hold its National Conference in Howrah in February 2023

THE tenth all India conference of the All India Agricultural Workers’ Union will be held at Howrah, West Bengal, from February 15 to 18, 2023. Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister of Kerala and Polit Bureau member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), will inaugurate the conference and will be the main speaker of the public meeting to be organised on the occasion of the all India conference.

MSP Announced Betrays Farmers, Increasing Costs Not Taken Into Account

THE All India Kisan Sabha, in a statement issued on October 20, has said the Modi government has once again displayed its crass anti-farmer attitude in the recent announcement of the minimum support prices for crops for the Rabi Marketing Season 2022-23. The prices announced by the government are too little and will never provide 50 per cent return to farmers over Cost C2 as was recommended by the Swaminathan Commission.

K-FON Opens New Possibilities for Kerala Agriculture

SWIMMING against the tide is not an easy task. The general trend in the era of neoliberal economic policies has been towards disinvestment, deregulation, dismantling of the public sector and withdrawal from social sector expenditure. Kerala under the LDF government has been swimming against the tide and with phenomenal success. At all times of crisis whether it be the floods, cyclones, Nipah or the unprecedented Covid pandemic, Kerala has steered a course that has won great acclaim worldwide.


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