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Peoples Democracy newsletter

The Path to Sustainable Development: Lessons from the Bhopal Disaster

THE premise of sustainable development is that it should be non-discriminatory and equitable as well. Discriminatory practices in the name of development have disastrous consequences as the people of Bhopal had experienced at the hands of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), a US Transnational Corporation (which is currently owned by the Dow Chemical Company, USA).

Sun Raha Hai Na Tu… DYFI’s Campaign against Violence on Women

SUN Raha Hai Na Tu (Are you listening?) is a campaign against violence on women; violence which is perpetrated not only on the body of a woman but also on her conscience. Molestation, eve-teasing, comments, rape and even murder has become a common thing for the girls and women in Delhi-NCR. It has perhaps become a common thing for all of us. We have perhaps started forgetting the anger that was stirred and roused in us by the tragic and brutal incident of Nirbhaya case in 2012. We were all on the roads asking for “Justice” for Nirbhaya.

Stop Forced Conversions

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement on December 11.

THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the religious conversion of around 300 Muslims, mostly poor migrants from Bihar and West Bengal in Agra through false enticement, force and intimidation by the RSS/BJP.


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