Rally in Delhi for Passage of Women’s Reservation Bill

ON July 27, 2017, over eight hundred women enthusiastically marched from Mandi House to Parliament Street in New Delhi, demanding the passage of the long pending Women's Reservation Bill (WRB) in the monsoon session of parliament​. Several women’s organisations participated in this protest.

Women came not only from Delhi but also from the rural areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Women marched shouting slogans, holding colourful banners, buntings and placards. The police stopped the march at the barricades at Parliament Street.

KARNATAKA: Stop BEML Privatisation

“BEML that has played an important part in defense production is being handed over to private parties at a paltry sum. The valuation of BEML at Rs 518.44 crores is ridiculously low, even less than the value of the land owned by the company. It is unimaginable that the government is selling a company of strategic importance that is running well and the one that had contributed to the exchequer to the extent of Rs 693.46 crores in 2016-17. Stop this privatization,” demanded A K Padmanabhan,  CPI(M)  Polit Bureau member and vice president of CITU.

TRIPURA: IPFT’s Blockade: A Deceptive Movement

GIVING a sense of relief to the people of the state, the IPFT has been compelled to withdraw its indefinite blockade of national highway and rail track on July 21st morning. Thus this movement that started with deception on an absurd demand, also ended in a hoax. This end was possible because of the strong stand of the state government as well as tremendous pressure of the peace-loving democratic people of both the tribal and non-tribal communities.

KERALA: Protest against Centre’s Strategic Partnership with Israel

CPI(M) has organised a state wide campaign and protest on July 19 against the centre’s strategic partnership with Israel. Modi government has been trying to derail the foreign policy pursued by the country for past several decades. The protest is organised in the wake of Modi’s recent visit to Israel. CPI(M) has appealed all democratic forces to protest against the centre’s decision to make Israel a strategic partner of India. Thousands of people in Kerala came out registering their strong protest against the central government’s decision to ally with war mongering, Zionist Israel.

BJP Top Brass Take Bribe from Medical College Owner

THE entire top brass of BJP’s state leadership is under fire for massive corruption charges against them. The storm was triggered when an internal enquiry commission report which reveals that Rs 5.6 crores have been taken as bribe, was leaked by a section of leaders. The report said that the money was received by the leaders to illegally arrange the sanction from Indian Medical Council to a self financing medical college floated in Cherpulasseri in Palakkad district by some businessmen.

Himachal Pradesh: Huge Protests Demanding Justice for Gudiya

SLOGANS of ‘Justice for Gudiya’ reverberated the air in Shimla demanding proper investigation into the horrendous rape and murder of a 10th class school girl, in Kotkhai who got the acronym of Gudiya meaning a doll or daughter. Since July 4, when Gudiya went missing, the district of Shimla initially and then many parts of the state saw massive protests in support of the foremost demand of proper investigation and action against the real culprits who according to the people were at large.

United Platform of Telangana Mass and Social Organisations Formed

THE united forum of Telangana Mass and Social Organisations has come into being with more than 280 mass, social and class organisations in the state of Telangana with the aim of social justice and comprehensive development. In the new state of Telangana, people are having a lot of aspirations and are waiting for a solution to their problems. But, though the state is formed and rulers changed, the same policies are continuing. The tribulations of the people are as they were.

MAHARASHTRA: Joint Conventions of Farmers Mobilise Thousands for Struggle

ON June 11, 2017, the BJP-led state government was forced to the negotiating table by the Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Organisations and it had to publicly declare a complete loan waiver for farmers, excluding the richer sections, as a result of the unprecedented 10-day farmers’ strike in Maharashtra, which was backed by a Maharashtra bandh. That report was carried in these columns last month.



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