MAHARASHTRA: DYFI-SFI March against Unemployment & Commercialisation of Education

THOUSANDS of youth and students thronged the streets of Mumbai on Martyrs Day, March 23, 2018, demanding decent employment and opportunities for education. Hundreds of women demanding school admission for their children as per the RTE Act joined them. DYFI and SFI state committees had given the call for ‘March on Mantralaya’ on burning issues of employment and education.

TELANGANA: BLF is for Rebellion against Caste and Gender Oppression

CASTE dominance is a pest. It is the darling child of Manuvad. Manuvad suppressed not only dalits and weaker sections but also women.  Suppression of women was practised in Hinduism through Manuvad but male dominance is there in all religions. Male dominance is there within the caste system also. There is no equality for women.Women do not have an equal status in any class or social section. Dominant castes treat dalits as slaves. Capitalists exploit the labour by treating them as slaves. Surprisingly these ‘slaves’ treat their wives as their slaves.

KARNATAKA: CPI(M) Holds Political Convention in Bagepalli

BAGEPALLI town was painted Red. Everywhere, one could see red flags. A huge rally of over 25,000 people moved across the streets and marched to the Stadium ground where the political convention was held, as a part of preparations for the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections. This political convention was a culmination of series of political conventions held at gram panchayat level covering all villages, where the problems of people were discussed and listened to.

Bahujan Left Front for Alternative Values

THE responses and protests against the murders of Madhukar in Manthani and Naresh and Swathi in Yadadri-Bhongir (district) in Telangana have provided two different experiences. There was a wide response on the murder of Naresh and Swathi. People from Hyderabad and other places responded to this incident in a big way. The murder of Madhukar was also sensational but it did not evoke a wide response. These two are caste related murders. But protests were not the same.

Bhumi Adhikar Andolan Organises National Convention

THE two-day national convention and a photo feature organised by the Bhumi Adhikar Andolan on ‘Agrarian Crisis, Assault on Cattle Economy and Lynching of Dalits and Minorities’ was convened on March 20-21, with a victory note following the long march of farmers in Maharashtra and the acceptance of all their demands which evoked a sense of inspiration and energy among all those gathered in at the Constitution Club in New Delhi.

The Real Face of Change

AS soon as trends of assembly election results in Tripura showed victory for the BJP-IPFT alliance, the so-called champions of peace and harmony started to reveal their fangs right from the counting halls, particularly in Sonamura. BJP miscreants held up counting of votes in Dhanpur assembly constituency for about 10 hours and tried to push out outgoing Chief Minister and CPI(M) candidate Manik Sarkar from the counting hall with a view to alter the result in their favour at a stage when he was leading by about 6,000 votes from his nearest BJP contestant.

The 16th All India People’s Science Congress: Resolve to Defend Scientific Temper and Secular Education

THE 16th All India People's Science Congress (AIPSC) was organised in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, from February 9-12, 2018. The Congress was attended by 850 delegates representing 38 peoples’ science organisations. Discussions in the Congress, in plenary sessions, sub-plenaries, and workshops, focused on areas in which the People’s Science Movement is active. These included discussions on education and literacy, science and rationality, self-reliance and science and technology, health, rural and urban development, etc.


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