CPI(M) FACT-FINDING TEAM REPORT: Organised Violence against Dalits in MP

SEVERAL dalit and progressive organisations called a Bharat Bandh on April 2 against the Supreme Court order diluting the provisions of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The dilution of the Act, which guarantees a certain degree of protection to the oppressed communities against discrimination and atrocities, was met with widespread condemnation. The unprecedented upsurge of protests across the country witnessed violence, in which 12 people, predominantly from dalit community, were killed.

DELHI: DSMM Observes Ambedkar Jayanti

THE Delhi state committee of the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM), had organised a stall near RBI on Parliament Street in Delhi on April 14, to mark the 127th birth anniversary of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat inaugurated the stall by garlanding Ambedkar’s photograph. She also addressed the gathering and said that Baba Saheb gave his entire life to the struggle against the varna system and caste system prevalent in the Indian society. Dr Ambedkar’s goal in life was to create an equal society free of injustice and oppression.

Big Victory for Electricity Workers & Engineers in UP; A Blow to Privatisation

THE BJP government in Uttar Pradesh led by Yogi Adityanath issued a notification for privatisation of electricity supply in seven districts -- Etawah, Kannauj, Orai, Raebareli, Saharanpur, Mau and Ballia, and called tenders. It issued another notification for privatisation through franchisees of public sector electricity distribution companies (discoms) in the five cities of Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Meerut and Moradabad.

March to Save Vizag Steel Plant

THE Steel Plant Employees’ Union, Visakhapatnam (CITU) gave a clarion call to the permanent and contract employees of the state-owned Vizag Steel Plant for a 26-km rally on April 5. More than 4,000 workers started the march at 5 AM from the steel plant main gate and reached Vizag city central park at 12 noon, with massive response and solidarity from the public, fraternal trade unions and several mass organisations at 22 different points.

MAHARASHTRA: Kisan Long March: A Remarkable Struggle

IT was truly an amazing struggle, the like of which has not been seen in Maharashtra in recent times. It caught the imagination of the peasantry and the people, and received their unstinted support, not only in the state but all over the country. It received the backing of parties and organisations all across the political spectrum. For the week from March 6-12 that the Long March of nearly 200 Km lasted, it became the centre of attraction for the entire national and state media, both print and electronic, and also the social media.

Kerala Observes Strike against Centre's Employment Policy

A 24-hour strike was observed in Kerala on April 2 against the central government's anti-worker decision to amend the Industrial Employment (Standing Order) Central Rules 1946 to allow businesses to hire fixed-term employees, which will eventually threaten job security in all sectors.

The CITU, INTUC, AITUC, STU, AHMS, UTUC, HMPK, KTUC, INLC, TUCI, AICTU, NLO and ITUC led the protest against the move.

Panchayat Elections in West Bengal: Slaughter of Democracy by Mamata Regime

THE ruling TMC in West Bengal has resorted to full-fledged assault on democracy and the rule of law as panchayat elections have started to become a farce. From the declaration of schedule to murderous attacks on opposition candidates in the nomination process, this year’s panchayat elections have brought out the authoritarian character of the TMC most crudely.

Resisting Communal Conflict in West Bengal

CAUGHT into the vortex of competitive communalism, West Bengal witnessed bloody clashes, attacks and violence during Ram Navami celebrations. Though celebrated in parts of Bengal, this religious programme was not so widespread traditionally in the state. Last year, the entire environment changed rapidly as RSS-BJP-VHP and their related organisations organised Ram Navami processions with clear political overtones. Arms were profusely exhibited in those processions and communal slogans were raised. This year, the TMC jumped into the bandwagon.


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