Protest against Modi’s Visit

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi visited West Bengal to address a BJP rally in Midnapore town. The rally was designated as Kisan Kalyan Sabha. As a protest to Modi government’s anti-farmer policies and false promises, AIKS and other mass organisations staged street protests on two days. Before Modi arrived in the state, effigies were burnt, street corner meetings were held throughout the state. On July 16, Modi came to Midnapore. His route was not publicly declared fearing protests.

ANDHRA PRADESH: CPI(M) and CPI Hold Conventions to Build Political Alternative

STATE level conventions on the issues of working class, dalits and on urban issues were held in Andhra Pradesh on July 13, 14 and 15. With the joint efforts of CPI(M) and CPI to bring forth a ‘political alternative’ in AP, these conventions were the first three in the series. Both the parties have decided to conduct state level conventions of different classes and social sections on their respective issues and to mobilise people towards a ‘political alternative’ that differs from TDP, YSRCP, BJP and the Congress.

The Institute of Human Virology honoured Kerala's Chief and Health Minister for effective control of Nipah virus

KERALA has received international recognition for its effective prevention measures against Nipah virus outbreak. The Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore honoured Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister K K Shylaja for the government’s efforts in curbing the outbreak.

Noted bio-medical scientist and co-founder of the institute Dr Robert C Gallo presented awards to the chief minister and the health minister.

Karnataka: Seminar on ‘Science and Future of Agriculture’

CERTAIN leaders of the central government are making efforts to turn science into forum for nationalistic and religious grandstanding, much like what they have earlier done in Art, History, and social sciences. If present trend of attack on science and technology (S&T) is allowed to continue, future of India is in great peril, warned S Ramachandra Pillai (SRP), vice president of All India Kisan Sabha(AIKS) and CPI(M) Politburo member.


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