TRIPURA: CPI(M) Campaign Evokes Good Response

AT the call of the Central Committee, CPI(M) Tripura state committee launched a campaign programme from August 15-31, on the six-point urgent and burning demands of the people. The demands include: immediate revision of GST rates to curb price hike to a tolerable limit, ensure loan waiver for the distressed peasants, provide minimum support price for the agricultural produce, implement electoral promise of creating two crore jobs for the unemployed, no privatisation of the public sector and immediate passage of the women’s reservation bill in the next session of the parliament.

TAMIL NADU: Launch of People’s Forum in Coimbatore City

SINCE 1986, Coimbatore city in the state of Tamil Nadu has been witnessing communal disturbances of varying degrees.  But, they involved neither rioting nor looting. After the demolition of Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992, violence erupted in the city.  Nevertheless, the situation was then contained without any further flare-up.  But, in November and December 1997, following the murder of a traffic policeman, the premier industrial city witnessed a communal conflagration unprecedented in its history.

PUDUCHERRY: Forum for Social Harmony Mobilises Against Communal Onslaught

THE environment of politics and culture is undergoing a major transformation in Indian society and its impact is reflected in Puducherry also. The minorities, the downtrodden and the working classes are continuously being threatened and getting affected. In this context, a Forum for Social Harmony-Puducherry  for uniting all the progressive mass organisations, trade unions, Confederation of government employees associations, civil society organisations, was launched in Puducherry.

ANDHRA PRADESH: Huge Rally in Visakhapatnam to Save Public Sector Companies

A HUGE rally was organised in Visakhapatnam on August 26 to protest the government’s move to privatise public sector undertakings. The CPI(M) city committee organised the rally from the railway station to the RTC Complex on the slogan: ‘Save Public Sector, Save Visakhapatnam and Nation’. Hundreds of people joined the rally which ended with a public meeting at the RTC Complex.

TMC ‘Sweeps’ Democracy in Bengal

LOOK at some broad figures:

On August 13, elections to seven municipalities including Durgapur Corporation took place in West Bengal.  There were 146 wards in total. TMC won four of them without contest. Out of the rest 142, TMC won 138 wards. In Durgapur, a traditional strong base of the Left and in Haldia, TMC won all the wards. They got 72 per cent votes in seven municipalities. TMC got 85 per cent votes in Haldia. In many wards of Haldia, Durgapur, Nalhati and Coopers’ Camp, TMC received over 90 per cent votes.  


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