Seminar on Freedom of Speech

A seminar was organised on ‘Freedom of Speech, My Right’ in Kolkata on October 31 as part of the 50TH anniversary celebrations ofGanashakti, a Bengali daily published by the CPI(M) West Bengal state committee. Addressing the gathering, eminent intellectuals and activists stressed that the Leftists have a significant role to play in providing an alternative economic and social model, and consolidating a protest movement against growing fascistic attacks on democracy.

Deteriorating Law & Order Punctures Nitish Kumar’s Good Governance Claim

A spate of crimes perpetrated against the oppressed, Dalits and women in several districts of Bihar has put a question mark on the ability of the Nitish Kumar government to tackle the ever-increasing attacks aided by the old- and neo-feudal elements who rule the hinterland and are the pillars of political support to the present dispensation.

Protests against RSS-BJP Terror held in Tripura

THE people of Tripura rose in loud protest in all parts of the state on October 9 against lumpen politics unleashed by the BJP-RSS and their falsification campaign targeting the CPI(M). They resolved to resist this anti-communist hysteria that had gripped the ruling BJP-RSS duo so terribly that it had lost all sanity to stall functioning of a recognised political party and carry on barbarous attacks on CPI(M) offices in various states of the country.

From Rajasthan to "Mersal", a Bad Week for Democracy in India

In the village of Karimati in Jharkhand, Koili Devi, the mother of 11-year-old Santosh Kumari, who had died of starvation, had to flee her home as she was attacked by local goondasreportedly because she had challenged the official version that her child had died of malaria not hunger, and dared to publicly say that in fact her child had died because the government had passed orders that no one without an Aadhar card would get rations. She spoke the truth, and for that she was attacked. The local auxiliary nurse confirmed that the child was not suffering from malaria.

BPMO JATHAS IN BENGAL: Woes in Hearts, Marches on Streets

GULJAR Hosaain is on the walk. Sixty-eight-year-old Hossain is walking as his mind is pulled back to the lost land beside the Kaljani river, where he used to produce an adequate amount of rice. A resident of Deocharai in Cooch Behar, Hossain and his neighbours found no support from the administration after their lands were devoured by the river.

Mangal Murmu is on the walk. Murmu, a youth in Shibpur of Bolpur, witnessed how an area, acquired for industry has been given away for real estate. It dashed the hopes of the local people.

MAHARASHTRA: Martyrs’ Day Actions in Thane-Palghar District Mobilise Thousands

OCTOBER 10, 2017 was observed all over Thane-Palghar district as the 72nd Martyrs’ Day and also as the 21st death anniversary of the legendary leader of the Adivasi Revolt, former CPI(M) Central Committee member and former AIKS president, Comrade Godavari Parulekar. This day is observed every year in Thane-Palghar to renew the struggle.

DELHI: CPI(M) Rally against RSS-BJP Violence in Kerala

CPI(M) held a march against the killing of its activists by the RSS-BJP goons in Kerala. Hundreds of activists of Communist Party of India (Marxist) led by general secretary Sitaram Yechury and Polit Bureau members Md Salim, Subhashini Ali, Raghavulu, Central Committee members and Party activists, marched from Delhi state office of CPI(M) to BJP headquarters protesting against the killing of CPI(M) cadres by RSS-BJP in Kerala. Protests against RSS terror in Kerala were held all over the country.


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