NULLIFICATION OF LABOUR LAWS: Stop Naked Savagery against the Working Class

LEADERS of seven political parties – CPI(M), CPI, CPI(ML)-L , AIFB, RSP, RJD and VCK – have, in a letter addressed to the  president of India on May 8, raised concerns over the security, welfare,  livelihood and future of crores of Indian working class and working people.They said that this in fact, concerns the well being and prosperity of our entire country and its future.

‘Unethical to Offload Surplus Food Stock at High Prices during Crisis’

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat, urged union minister Ram Vilas Paswan to release the 54.3 million tonnes of food grain stock lying with the Food Corporation of India free to the poor through the Public Distribution System (PDS). In a letter written to the food and public distribution minister on April 19, she condemned the government’s move to sell the food grain stock to NGOs for relief work, at high prices during this crisis period.“The government has, as on April 7, 54.2 million tonnes of foodgrains in storage which is far above the required buffer stock.

Act on a War Footing to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

Below we publish the full text of the letter addressed to the president of India by CPI(M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury,  on April 6, urging the president to prevail upon the central government to take  action on the measures suggested in the letter to control Covid-19 pandemic.I AM writing to you, as you are the custodian of the Indian Constitution under whose sanction and authority, the central government functions.The country and people have gone through two ‘symbolic’ events so far.

‘Time to Use Our Resources to Save Lives’

The general secretary of CPI(M), Sitaram Yechury, has written a letter to the prime minister on March 23.  Below we publish the text of the letter.THE country and the people are in the midst of the grim battle against the spread of COVID-19.  In many states, a general lockdown is being enforced to stop the community spread of this lethal virus.During such lockdowns, it is imperative to scale up the testing of people particularly those with declared symptoms.  On this basis, specific areas that are vulnerable can be identified and a lockdown to be enforced in such a

Display Information Regarding Arrests

BRINDA Karat, Member, Polit Bureau of CPI(M), on March 2, wrote a letter to the Delhi police commissioner, Srivastava , regarding displaying the names of the arrests made in Delhi since the communal riots began.Below we produce text of the letter:This is in connection with the arrests and detentions in connection with the communal violence which engulfed the north-east area of the capital. I have read in press reports about the 148 FIRs filed and the numbers of those arrested. I have visited many of the families of those killed as well as those injured.

Act Responsibly Delhi Police: Brinda Karat

ON February 25, 2020, Brinda Karat, member, Polit Bureau of CPI(M) and K M Tewari, secretary, Delhi state committee of CPI(M) have written the following letter to Amit Shah, minister for home affairs, government of India on the serious situation in Delhi.  Below we publish the text of the letter.The tragic death of a police constable and the deaths of six citizens in the shocking incidents of violence in the capital are of deep concern. We strongly condemn those responsible for the death of the police constable and for the violence in Delhi.

Rights of Tribal Communities under Threat

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member, Brinda Karat has addressed a letter to Prakash Javadekar, minister for environment, forest and climate change, government of India on the ongoing petition in the Supreme Court challenging the Forest Rights Act. The full text of the letter sent on September 13, 2019 is published below.THIS is to draw your attention to the ongoing petition in the Supreme Court challenging the Forest Rights Act.

Actions of Sikar Police Condemned

EXPRESSING strong protest and condemnation of the actions of the Sikar police on August 28, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has written a letter to Ashok Gehlot, chief minister of Rajasthan on August 30.  In an unprecedented action, hordes of uniformed policemen illegally entered the office of the CPI(M), arrested former MLAs and CPI(M) leaders Amra Ram and Pema Ram and dragged out scores of others who were in the office.


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