Transforming the Library

WHILE Kerala can be proud of the large number of functioning public libraries in India, Kannur district located in the north of the state has the distinction of ranking first in the state with more than a thousand libraries.  Kannur has thus become the logical place of choice for holding this first Indian Library Congress from January 1-3, 2023.

Morbi Bridge Collapse: The Questions Gujarat Govt Needs to Answer

THE Morbi pedestrian suspension bridge over the Machchhu River collapsed on October 30, leading to the confirmed death of 141 persons and injuries to more than 100. In this column, I will not repeat what is widely known regarding one of the worst bridge disasters in India. The question that needs to be raised is whose responsibility is such a bridge in India and whether the authorities carried out their responsibilities.

Prime Minister and a Statue

AS a child, I remember hearing a story about a naughty bird, an ugly, naughty bird that wanted to produce beautiful chicks. This bird would sneak into the nest of a beautiful bird that had just laid some eggs and steal one of them, take it back to its own nest and then proceed to keep it warm until it hatched and the beautiful little chick pushed itself out. 

The Case on Ethical Code for Marketing Medicines

A TWO-JUDGE bench of the Supreme Court, on August 18 afternoon, issued an order on the legal code for the marketing of medicines.

The Federation of Medical and sales Representatives’ Associations of India (FMRAI), had filed a petition in the court urging the government to enforce a legal code for marketing of medicines.

The Indian media, however, has distorted facts and misreported the issue by selectively highlighting the issue of perks given to doctors to improve the sales of one product, Dolo-650, an antipyretic drug.

BJP’s Freebie Campaign: Yet another Assault on the States’ Rights

THE freebie debate has raised a hornet’s nest regarding its definition, implications for the poor, impact on fiscal consolidation, propriety of judicial system usurping the domain of the legislature and political process and so on. But a dimension that has not received adequate attention has been the consequences for the federal structure.


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