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DELHI: DSMM Observes 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar

ON the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM), Delhi committee has organised a seminar on ‘Neo-liberal policies and Dalits’ on July 4. Hundreds of people from various areas of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida participated in the seminar. Professor Gopal Guru (JNU), Subhashini Ali, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) and Dr Bajrang Bihari Tiwari (Delhi University) were the main speakers in the seminar. A three member presidium comprising Brahmjeet Singh, Sonia Verma and Vidyapati conducted the proceedings of the seminar.

TAMILNADU: We Do Not Want Charity Give Us Our Rights!

THE second state conference of Tamilnadu Association for the Rights of All Types of Differently Abled and Caretakers (TARATDAC) was held in Kovilpatti from June 22-24. The conference started with a rally and public meeting on June 22 in the evening. Brinda Karat, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member participated in the rally and addressed the public meeting.  In her speech, she congratulated all the members, cadres and leaders of the organisation for the big struggles that had been carried out during the last three years to assert the rights of the differently abled persons.

Udaipur Mahapadav Demands Implementation Of Forest Laws & Housing for All

THE BJP and the Congress parties are the two sides of the same coin and their policies of governance are the same. BJP is pursuing the same policies of neoliberalism as started by the Congress in 1991. These policies are responsible for the deterioration of conditions of not only tribals but also of the youth, farmers, working class and the general masses, said Manik Sarkar, chief minister of Tripura and Polit Bureau member of CPI(M), at the Mahapadav in Udaipur.

TAMILNADU:Ban on APSC is an Attack on Right to Expression

THE Democratic Youth Federation of India and the Students’ Federation of India led a statewide protest against IIT Madras in Tamilnadu for the past one week condemning the derecognition of Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle (APSC).

The Indian Institute of Technology-Madras has derecognised the Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle (APSC), a student study group, following an anonymous complaint that it was instigating protests against the policies of the central government and creating “hatred” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hindus.

Brutal Attack On Dalits In Rajasthan Village

THREE dalits were killed on May 14 in Dangawas village of Nagaur district in Rajasthan and thirteen were seriously injured, among whom are six women in an attack unleashed on them by the dominant upper caste, the jats. The attack took place over the 23 bigahs of land of dalits which was forcefully possessed by jats since long. As rightful claimants of that land, dalits built huts in the farm land. The jat community called their caste panchayat on May 14, and pressurised the reluctant dalits to attend their panchayat.

DSMM Demands Judicial Enquiry into Horrific Attack on Dalits in Rajasthan

The following is the statement issued by the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch on May 19.

THE Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch condemns the horrific crime committed against dalits in Dangawas village in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district where 3 dalit men were killed on May 15. They were mowed down under tractors by the Jats, who are a dominant caste in the region, over a land dispute. Many dalits were grievously injured. Dalit women were molested, severely beaten and there were repeated attempts to disrobe them.

Convene Special Session of Parliament To Discuss Issues Concerning Dalits

CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has written to the minister for parliamentary affairs, Venkaiah Naidu, on May 6, 2015 asking him to take measures to convene a special session of parliament on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar, to discuss issues concerning the dalits in our country. Below we reproduce the text of the letter.

Observe Ambedkar Jayanti as Dalit Rights Day

DALIT Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM) is a national platform of various Dalit empowerment organisations from across the country which are working for eradication of untouchability and caste discrimination, and socio-economic development of the community. DSMM, under the guidance of CPI(M), was established on 27 November 2014 at a national conference in Delhi. The Manch will observe Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14 as ‘Dalit Rights Day’ to highlight the constitutional safeguards for Dalits in India.


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