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Movement for Special Session of Parliament on Dalit Issues

THE 125th birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar is being celebrated throughout this year. The Modi-led NDA government, even as it garlands the statues of Ambedkar, is fully engaged in negating the ideals of Babasaheb. The conditions of SC, ST and BCs have worsened with the onset of no-liberal economic policies. They lag far behind in terms of human development indicators when compared with national averages. Problems faced by dalits are kept pending for many years. Dwelling places of dalits and tribals are still undeveloped.

Moral Policing by Sangh Goons Keeps Coastal Karnataka on Edge

AN 'invisible' government is ruling the coastal Karnataka. The 'visible' government is at their beck and call.  The flag-bearers of this 'invisible' government or Hindutva vanguard decide with whom a girl from their community may or may not associate. They have absolute authority to punish any Muslim boy seen in public with a Hindu girl. In such cases, the Muslim boy is assaulted and humiliated in any way they please. The Hindu girl, too, is insulted, manhandled and threatened, all in order to protect her ‘honour’.

Kerala: Dalits Jatha from Kasaragode to Thiruvananthapuram Demands Reservation in Private Sector

HUNDREDS of Dalits from across Kerala participated in a 25-day long jatha from Kasaragode in the state’s north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south, under the banner of Pattikajathi Kshema Samithi (PKS). The march to the state secretariat started from the northernmost district of Kasargode on July 26 and reached Venganoor in Thiruvananthapuram on August 16. On August 18, more than one lakh PKS activists participated in the ‘Secretariat March’, which was inaugurated by CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat.

Struggle against Caste Oppression: Two Recent Incidents in Karnataka

THE mind numbing atrocities perpetrated on dalits in different parts of India have been continuing unabated. The main reason for this is the stranglehold of wealthy `high castes’ of our society in rural and urban areas. The protection they get from the ruling classes and the administration is another important factor. The failure of the redressal mechanism is a very crucial reason in the emboldening of the upper caste mafia.

KARNATAKA: Dalit Witness Found Dead

IN the early hours of July 10, the dead body of Dodda Veeresh Gudisali was found by the side of a railway track at the outskirts of Koppala, Karnataka. He was a dalit from Marakumbi village of Gangavathi taluk. He was an important witness in the case pertaining to the incident of atrocity on dalits that occurred at Marakumbi, a year ago. He was about 45. He has left behind him his wife and two sons. A death note is said to have been recovered which suggests that he committed suicide.

UTTAR PRADESH: Ekta Colony Hosts Iftar

IFTAR parties hosted by political parties have become important statements of political importance and ability to attract a large number of prominent Muslims and clerics and, above all, members of the political class.  They have now assumed a new role, that of displaying political alliances and alignments.  All this is accompanied with an ostentatious display of wealth and lavish hospitality quite far removed from what Iftar means to most of those observing the Ramzan fast.  For them it is an occasion to share special moments with family members and friends and also to help those who are le

The Child Labour Amendment Act

A JOINT meeting of the Indian School of Women’s Studies and Development and Apne Aap (an organisation against the trafficking of children) was held on June 10, 2015 in Delhi to consider the different aspects of the Child Labour Amendment Act, 2015. The proposed amendments to the Child Labour Act are one amongst the many labour reforms being enacted by the corporate backed Modi government. They seek to allow children to work in the entertainment and family based enterprises after their school hours.

DELHI: DSMM Observes 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar

ON the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, the Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (DSMM), Delhi committee has organised a seminar on ‘Neo-liberal policies and Dalits’ on July 4. Hundreds of people from various areas of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida participated in the seminar. Professor Gopal Guru (JNU), Subhashini Ali, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) and Dr Bajrang Bihari Tiwari (Delhi University) were the main speakers in the seminar. A three member presidium comprising Brahmjeet Singh, Sonia Verma and Vidyapati conducted the proceedings of the seminar.

TAMILNADU: We Do Not Want Charity Give Us Our Rights!

THE second state conference of Tamilnadu Association for the Rights of All Types of Differently Abled and Caretakers (TARATDAC) was held in Kovilpatti from June 22-24. The conference started with a rally and public meeting on June 22 in the evening. Brinda Karat, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member participated in the rally and addressed the public meeting.  In her speech, she congratulated all the members, cadres and leaders of the organisation for the big struggles that had been carried out during the last three years to assert the rights of the differently abled persons.


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