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DUJ-KUWJ Slam Curbs on Journalists

THE Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) and Kerala Union of Working Journalist (KUWJ) Delhi Unit, in a joint statement on July 28,  have expressed serious concern,  both at the curbs on Kashmiri journalist Aakash Hassan, who was ‘barred’ from flying to Sri Lanka for coverage and the arrest warrant against journalist Ravi Nair in an Adani defamation suit. “These attacks constitute a continuum of attacks and threats to independent journalists and journalism in India today”, the statement said.

Journalists Condemn Murder

INDIAN journalists, over a hundred of them, from different parts of the country, have sent a letter to Naftali Bennett, prime minister of Israel through the Israeli embassy in Delhi on May 16, strongly condemning the 'murder' of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh who was shot in the face while she was reporting a raid by Israeli soldiers from Jenin. The letter said that the shocking assassination – described as such by Al Jazeera – again underlines the Israeli government's inability to accept independent journalism that speaks the truth.

Journalists Question Government’s Silence on Pegasus

DELHI Union of Journalists (DUJ), in association with the Press Club of India, met on August 7 to discuss the topic “From Defamation to Sedition to Pegasus” organised by the National Alliance of Journalists (NAJ).

Senior advocate and analyst Sanjay Hegde, said India was now becoming one of the most unsafe countries for independent journalists. “The modus operandi of the government has assumed a certain gradation -if you can't shut down people with defamation then shut them down with sedition," he said.

DUJ Condemns Arrest of Journalists from Singhu Border

THE Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on January 31, has expressed alarm at the way journalists Mandeep Punia and Dharmendra Singh were picked up from the Singhu border last night while reporting on the farmer protests.

Dharmendra Singh of Online News India was, reportedly, released this morning after being made to sign a bond of good behaviour. Details are not yet available.

DUJ Condemns Lockdown of Kashmir Times Office

THE sudden locking of the Kashmir Times office in Srinagar by the Estates Department on October 19, has left journalists stunned. The action comes on the heels of the arbitrary eviction of the Kashmir Times editor Anuradha Bhasin from her residence. The Delhi Union of Journalists, in a statement issued on October 20, has condemned these actions of the government that are clearly aimed at stifling the free press.

Call for Peace and Harmony : DUJ

ON the International Women’s Day, when the Constitution, the country and communal amity is under attack from forces of division and hatred, the Delhi Union of Journalists(DUJ) and its gender committee calls for peace and communal harmony.  The statement in this regard was issued on Mrach 7 by the DUJ. “We salute our brave sisters who are leading peaceful struggles to defend the citizenship rights of all our peoples”, the said the statement.


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