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AIKS to Campaign against Neo-Liberal Policies in Agriculture

THE two day meeting of the All India Kisan Council of the AIKS concluded on July 26, with a call to undertake massive campaigns among the peasantry against the efforts being taken by the BJP led Modi government to impose neo-liberal policies on the people of the country, especially on the peasantry. The resolution adopted by the meeting called upon the peasantry to rebuff the communal conspiracies of the BJP-Sangh Parivar duo and work for the defence of secularism.

MAHA: AIKS Mobilises 50,000 Peasants On Drought & Related Issues

THE AIKS Maharashtra state council meeting that was held at the Comrade B T Ranadive Smarak Bhavan at Belapur in New Mumbai on June 30, 2014 under the chairmanship of AIKS state president Dada Raipure, took the following five major decisions:

1. Organise statewide mass actions from July 8 (Jyoti Basu birth centenary) to July 15 on the grim issue of drought and of compensation to peasants whose crops were destroyed by hailstorms, demanding access to water, food, employment, fodder, seeds and fertilizers, and the waiver of loans, electricity bills and students’ tuition fees;

Resist the Anti-Tribal move of Modi Government

The All India Kisan Sabha and All India Agricultural Workers Union has in a statement issued on July 14 jointly demanded the Narendra Modi government to immediately withdraw the decision effecting transfer of tribal villages of Khammam district in Telangana to the state of Andhra Pradesh for Polavaram Dam Project. This will adversely affect the rights and livelihood of nearly three lakh tribal people in the region.

Increase MGNREGA Allocations: Agricultural Workers Union

THE All India Agricultural Workers Union has in a statement issued on July 8, said that the poorest people in the country will not accept the manner in which the NDA government at the centre has hurt the thousands of migrant labourers driven from their villages to seek distress employment in the cities and other states, by sharply raising the passenger rail fares by over 14 % which they will not be able to afford without taking higher debts than before from local money lenders or brutal labour contractors whose criminal rates of interest are painful already.

Defeat Modi Govt’s Conspiracy to Dismantle Public Procurement Mechanism

THE Narendra Modi led NDA government is going ahead with its plans to gradually finish off the public procurement mechanism in a move which will adversely affect livelihoods of millions of farmers, seriously compromise the food security of the nation as well as mean further increase in food grain prices for the masses. The ministry of consumer affairs, food and public distribution has issued a letter to states regarding change in policy of procurement for the central pool. This will dismantle even the present weak public procurement as well as the price support system to India’s farmers.

AIKS Condemns Unfair Kharif MSPs

THE All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has condemned the Narendra Modi led government for deceiving the millions of toiling peasantry by announcing unremunerative and unfair minimum support prices (MSP) for the kharif crops for the crop season 2014-15. The statement which the AIKS president Amra Ram and general secretary Hannan Mollah issued on June 26 recalled how Narendra Modi had made tall claims and promised that farmers would be given MSP which would be not less than 50 percent over and above the cost of production.

AIKS Condemns Dole to Sugar Barons

THROUGH a statement issued from New Delhi on June 23, the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) condemned the latest decision of the Narendra Modi led government to appease the sugar lobby by doling out further benefits to them without any concrete action to ensure that the lobby clears the arrears due to the cane farmers which, by the government’s own admission, is as high as 110 billion rupees or 1.84 billion US dollars.

AIKS on Save Environment, Save Agriculture Day

THE All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has urged upon the entire Indian peasantry and the people at large to observe June 5, 2014, the World Environment Day, as the ‘Save Environment, Save Agriculture Day’ as a mark of opposition against the dire environmental consequences of corporate driven capitalist development and its impact on agriculture and industry all over the world. 


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