KERALA: Mock Trial of Modi Sends a Strong Message against Demonetisation

THE Mock trial of Narendra Modi held in all district head quarters of Kerala on January 24th evening sent a strong message to the central government against  digitisation of transactions. Thousands of people gathered at all centres to register their protest against the hardships caused by demonetisation. People demanded the removal of all restrictions on cash withdrawal and a halt on imposing digitised money transactions.

Hundred days of Mahajana Padayatra

ON the completion of hundred days of Mahajana Padayatra of the CPI(M) in Telangana, Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) addressed a public meeting held in Eturu Naagaram district. She congratulated the people for making the padayatra a success despite the cash crunch caused by demonetisation. She accused the Telangana state government of suppressing tribal population be foisting false cases on more than 800 tribal activists. She said that the CPI(M) played an important role in the passage of the Forest Rights Act.

AIPSO National Conference Concludes Successfully

THE national conference of the All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) held from January 19-21, 2017 at Romesh Chandra Nagar (Olympia Chambers, Chandrasekhran Nair Stadium ) in Thiruvananthapuram, concluded successfully.

An international seminar was organised on 'The Impact of October Revolution on Struggle for Peace and Against War ' on the eve of the conference on January 19, 2017. CP Narayanan, MP and president of AIPSO, Kerala welcomed the international and national delegates to the seminar. D Raja, MP and presidium member of AIPSO acted as moderator.

Anti Demonetisation Protest Movement

THE two months of demonetisation have been marked by unprecedented mass mobilisation in the state of Kerala. Right from the day of announcement, it was criticised as a crazy scheme which would at best only tackle the fringes of black economy. By the tenth day the entire cabinet marched from the secretariat to the Reserve Bank of India office at Thiruvananthapuram on November 18, for a day long protest dharna. Since then, it has become a popular site for numerous protest marches by different mass organisations and organisations of cooperators.  

WEST BENGAL: People Protest Loot of their Money

WHILE people are facing acute distress due to demonetisation, the back to back arrest of two TMC MPs has once again brought to surface the massive loot of peoples’ money through chit funds. Sudip Banerjee, TMC leader in Lok Sabha and Tapas Paul, film star turned MP were arrested by the CBI in the Rose Valley scam. Every day more and more facts are surfacing, proving that the ultimate beneficiary of the chit fund plunder was the ruling party of West Bengal.

Delhi: CPI(M) Protests Against Forced Eviction of People

CPI(M) Delhi state committee condemns the coercive measures used by the DDA, Delhi Police and other paramilitary forces to force residents of Kathputli Colony in central Delhi to move to a transit camp in Anand Parvat. Heavy police presence is there in this colony since the last ten days and people are being forced to sign on the ‘parchis’ stating their agreement to shift to the transit camp. That residents are being forced to abandon their homes in the middle of winter has made matters worse.

Mahajana Padayatra: Mobilising Support for Development with Social Justice

THE Telangana state committee of CPI(M) has released a perspective paper on alternative development inviting inputs from public. This is in continuation of the Mahajana Padayatra which is aimed at canvassing and mobilising public support for comprehensive development of the state with social justice. The perspective paper focusses on the developmental alternatives available within the limits of constitutional provisions which failed to draw the required attention from the ruling classes till now thereby ending up evolving an exclusive developmental paradigm.


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