West Bengal: Study Circles on Communist Manifesto

TO commemorate the bicentenary of Karl Marx, CPI(M) West Bengal state committee has initiated statewide study circles on Communist Manifesto. As part of ideological-political training of Party members, study circles in all units of the Party were organised twice in 2017. The first topic was Party Programme, while the second was on Party Constitution. It was decided this year to observe 200 years of Karl Marx in a meaningful way. The study circle on Manifesto, the unparalleled revolutionary document, was scheduled to be held on May 5-6, on the birthday of Marx. West Bengal was in the midst of panchayat elections at that time. Study circles were held in mainly urban areas on those two days. In the rest of the state, study circles have been planned for June 23-24.

As a preparatory for the study circles, workshops were held at district level. It was meant to prepare the initiators who will start the discussion in their branches. The idea is to involve all Party members in the discussion. A note on Communist Manifesto was prepared. The contemporary significance of the Manifesto was also discussed in the workshops.

This initiative has successfully created an enthusiasm among the Party members and encouraged in evolving an atmosphere of ideological education within the Party.  



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