Tripura: Daily Desher Katha Observes 45th Foundation Day

DAILY Desher Katha (DDK), the leading newspaper of Tripura observed 45th foundation day on August 15, 2023. When the overall media is being more and more captured by big corporates, when the space for people’s voice in mainstream media is getting more and more squeezed, achievement of a glorious and towering milestone by DDK will definitely encourage the progressive minds.

Human Greed at Epicentre of (Un)natural Devastation in Himachal

To overcome the challenge of such disasters, we must change our mindset for development and learn from nature by collaborating with local communities.

HIMACHAL Pradesh has been the epicentre of (un)natural disasters for more than a month. More than 300 people, including 35 on August 14 (Monday), have been killed, thousands left homeless and property worth more than Rs 1,500 crore destroyed.


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