MAHARASHTRA: October Revolution Centenary Celebrated

THE last two weeks saw a series of impressive programmes in Thane-Palghar district of Maharashtra. They began with a district Party class at the Comrade Godavari Shamrao Parulekar Bhavan at Talasari on October 30-31, 2017. This was attended by 415 leading comrades from eight tehsils. They included state, district, tehsil and local committee members of the Party, unit secretaries and elected Party members in the zilla parishad, panchayat samitis, municipal council and sarpanches/upasarpanches of gram panchayats.

KARNATAKA: Protest against Demonetisation

On November 8, the first anniversary of demonetisation, protest demonstrations were held across Karnataka by Left parties – CPI(M), CPI, SUCI(C) – in most district centres. Speakers brought attention to the failure of all objectives (including shifting goalposts) cited by Modi government for demonetisation. Speakers also highlighted the havoc caused in the informal economy by destroying jobs and livelihoods. This time there was better response from people as all the euphoria over demonetisation is over and havoc caused by it, is quite visible.

TELANGANA: Left Parties Demonstrate Against Demonetisation

LEFT parties, including the CPI(M) and CPI, held a protest demonstration against demonetisation in Hyderabad on November 8. When leaders and workers of the Left parties took out a rally from Babu Jagjivan Ram’s statue at Basheerbagh x roads to Nehru’s statue at Abids, the police arrested them.  Leaders of the Left parties criticised that in the background of demonetisation, introduction of goods and services tax and other developments, the country’s economy deteriorated further.

TRIPURA: Demonetisation is Not a Blunder but a Calculated Loot of Public Money

SHARING the nationwide resentment, people of Tripura registered a roaring protest against the anti-people deceptive demonetisation drive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the first anniversary of demonetisation on November 8. In all sub-division and district headquarters including Agartala town, there were massive rallies at the call of the Left Front. All sections of people, peasants, workers, teachers and employees, traders and daily labourers participated in these protest rallies.

TELANGANA: Centenary Celebrations of the Russian Revolution

MARKING the conclusion of centenary celebrations of the October Revolution, a meeting was organised by the CPI(M) on November 7 at MB Bhavan in Hyderabad. State secretariat member of the Party, T Jyothi hoisted the Red Flag. Addressing the meeting held on the occasion, G Nagayya, state secretariat member of the Party, lauded the October Revolution as a beacon light which had given inspiration to peoples in several countries to conduct class struggles for achieving the lofty ideals of well-being of humanity and ensuring equal opportunities to the people.

Tripura Observes Centenary of October Revolution

THE centenary of October Revolution was observed through impressive programmes all over Tripura on November 7. All the party offices right from state committee, district committees, sub-divisional committees and local committee offices were attractively decorated and illuminated in the evening. To mark the centenary, one hundred red flags raised high on top of every Party and TU office.

“Let us Read Chirasmarane and Visit Kayyur” Unique Jatha to Kayyur

RECENTLY a unique jatha of youth to Kayyur was organised by the DYFI led by  Muneer Katipalla, DYFI state president, under the slogans “Struggles of the past inspire to take on new challenges” and “Read Chirasmarane and Visit Kayyur”. This was a unique experiment in Karnataka, perhaps even first of its kind in the country. “Chirasmarane” a Kannada novel considered a classic, depicts the historic peasant revolt at Kayyur in the 1940s in the then Malabar (now Kasaragod) district where peasants rose against local landlords.

Salient Features of BPMO March in Bengal

TO carry out people’s struggle on the broadest possible scale, the mass organisations of different sections of people of West Bengal have come together to form BPMO – Bengal Platform of Mass Organisations. The main objective of BPMO is to reach the polling booth areas of the state with people’s issues. Last year, the BPMO initiative achieved significant success. The popular response had been striking.


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