Resisting Assaults on Workers’ Rights to Remember Safdar Hashmi

ONE of the inspiring images of the year that went by is of young Aishe Ghosh, head bandaged and arm in a sling, addressing students the day after a violent assault on her and others in the Jawaharlal Nehru University in early January 2020. That assault had been orchestrated by goons of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, the student wing of the RSS. Aishe Ghosh, as president of the JNU Students’ Union, was a special target for the goons, who assaulted her with iron rods.

Safdar’s Martyrdom Day Observed

THE year gone by would be remembered in human history for the havoc that COVID-19 created in the lives of one and all. The epidemic that began sometime in late December soon turned into a pandemic making its presence felt in all the continents, including Antarctica. While countries like Cuba, China and Vietnam were able to successfully control the spread of the disease with timely intervention, majority of the European and Latin American countries including Brazil and above all United States of America— the so-called superpower— became its worst victims.

#Marx at 200: The Moscow Event

 #MARX at 200 has triggered major efforts by several Communist Parties, progressives, social scientists, academia and those simply looking for alternatives to the contemporary neoliberal dead end. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation along with its State Duma wing had organised an event in Moscow on May 11-12, as part of #Marx at 200 celebration; an international scientific-academic conference on 'Capital and its impact  on World development'.

Marx 200-Capital 150 Celebrations in Bengaluru

A SEMINAR on ‘Class struggle and eradication of caste oppression and untouchability – A Marxist view’ was organised in Bengaluru on May 20 as part of the “Marx 200-Capital 150” celebrations. Navakarnataka and Kriya – the two largest publishers of progressive Kannada literature – organised the event to mark the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx and 150th year of his magnum opus Capital.  

ASSAM: Karl Marx Bicentenary Meet



A SEMINAR on ‘Relevance of Marxism in the present situation’ was organised by CPI(M) Kamrup Mahanagar district committee to mark the bicentenary of Karl Marx on May 14 at Lakhiram Barua Sada in Guwahati.

About 250 members attended the seminar where chief speaker Ashok Dhawale, Central Committee member of CPI(M) and president, AIKS, spoke at length about the life of struggles of Karl Marx, the revolutionary and scientific aspects of his philosophy.

Doctor of Philosophy

Peoples' Democracy will run a series of fortnightly articles on the life and work of Karl Marx on the occasion of the bicentennial of his birth anniversary. As a part of it, we reproduce below an article on Karl Marx that was published in the People’s Democracy (March 13, 1983) on the occasion of his death centenary.

75 Years of Battle of Stalingrad – Inspiration, Then, Now and Forever

FEBRUARY 2, 1943 marks an important date in the history of the Second World War. It was on this day that in the battle of Stalingrad, Germany was handed one of its first comprehensive defeats. This defeat marked the turning point in the War, with the Red Army of the Soviet Union pushing back the German troops, leading to the ultimate defeat of Nazism and Hitler. The leaders of the imperialist countries like US, UK, France and many others have openly lauded the bravery of Red Army and Soviet citizens for this stupendous feat at that time.

‘The Crisis Has Matured, Be Ready’ – October 1917

THE political scene in Russia was rapidly changing in October. Every passing day witnessed new political developments and a shift in balance of forces in favour of the Bolsheviks. The time for the Bolsheviks to capture power had come. On the other hand, fearing these developments, the ruling bourgeoisie and landlords, once again started to organise forces to stop this onward march of the Bolsheviks and the revolution. The indecisive petty-bourgeois were forced to take a stand, either way. Increasingly, the ‘middle path’ was getting closed.

Golaghati Martyrs Remembered

ALLURING the IPFT with the ‘separate state’ demand, the BJP-RSS is trying to break the age-old harmony, peace and amity among various sections of people and set in a complete lawlessness and tumultuous situation, with which the BJP hopes to gain dividend in the next Assembly election in Tripura. The IPFT is a puppet whose strings are with the BJP.


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