Fiftieth Anniversary of Che Guevara: A Human Par Exemplar

On October 8, 1967, Che Guevara was killed by CIA backed Bolivian armed forces. Fidel Castro led a huge Memorial Rally in Havana on October 18, 1967 and paid tributes to the martyr. Below we publish the excerpts from his speech.

TONIGHT we are meeting to try to express, in some degree, our feelings toward one who was among the closest, among the most admired, among the most beloved, and, without a doubt, the most extraordinary of our revolutionary comrades.

Bicentenary of Karl Marx: Nothing Insurmountable With Marx as Beacon Light

NEO-CONSERVATIVE US talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, has accused Pope Francis of promoting ‘pure Marxism’. Wall Street Journal, a premier conservative magazine, commenting about the correctness of Marx’ analysis of capitalism’s tendency to maintain a reserve army of labour to increase its profits during the ongoing global economic crisis, wrote: “Lately, the US recovery has been displaying some Marxian traits. Corporate profits are on a tear, and rising productivity has allowed companies to grow without doing much to reduce the vast ranks of the unemployed”.

Decree on Peace

The Bolsheviks under Lenin’s leadership had opposed the participation of Tsarist Russia in the First World War. Lenin had declared the war to be an “imperialist war” which had destroyed the lives of millions of workers who were drafted by the imperialist governments in Europe as soldiers to fight the war.

Unlike the Social democrats of various European countries, the Bolsheviks opposed the war and called for an end to the conflict. “Peace” along with “land” and “bread” were the slogans which mobilised the workers, peasants and soldiers around the October Revolution.

Celebrate October Revolution Centenary 2016-17

THE 21st Congress of the Party had adopted a resolution directing the Party to conduct a year-long observance of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Central Committee has decided to observe the centenary as follows:

1.                     The centenary celebrations must start from November 7 this year. 

·                     People’s Democracy/Loklahar and all Party papers should bring out special features/supplements.

·                     On November 7, 2016, in all state capitals, meetings to commemorate October revolution must be held.

EMS Smrithi 2016 Attempts a Rainbow Coalition of the Political Left, Intellectuals & Social Movements for a Progressive ‘Idea of India’

MORE than 1000 delegates converged in Thrissur on June 13-14, for the EMS Smrithi 2016, on the ‘Idea of India – A New Agenda for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice’. The national discourse was organised in the context of the current political and economic challenges under the right wing NDA government with the intent to create a rainbow platform to not just resist the communal and pro-corporate policies but also to articulate an alternate economic paradigm.

BJP Igniting Flames of Hatred to Divert Attention from People’s Issues, Says Yechury

EVERY time a session of Parliament is about to begin, the ruling dispensation and the gangs protected by it come up with fabricated incidents and diversionary tactics to muzzle the debate on people’s genuine issues. The method behind this madness is coming to the fore day by day, CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said speaking at a rally held in Kolhapur, Maharashtra on February 20, commemorating the first anniversary of Govind Pansare’s martyrdom.

Remembering Comrade Dasaratha Deb on His Birth Centenary

AS the oath-taking ceremony of members elected to the first Lok Sabha was in progress in Parliament House, New Delhi, in 1952, a Leftist member of Parliament from West Bengal drew the attention of the Speaker to a fair and handsome tribal youth and said, “He is Dasaratha Deb, elected to Parliament as a Communist candidate from East Tripura (ST reserved) seat. But still he is being hounded by police with arrest warrant. He has been elected while being in underground.” The Leftist member then urged Speaker G V Mavalankar to intervene in lifting the arrest warrant against Dasaratha Deb.

Harkishan Singh Surjeet Centenary Celebration held at Jamshedpur

THE year-long birth centenary celebration of Comrade Harkishan Singh Surjeet was inaugurated on August 31 at the Michael John Auditorium in Jamshedpur. The CITU district committee of Kolhan division and the AIDWA committee have initiated the formation of a broad based organising committee to observe the centenary. The campaign and preparations ran for more than a month and involved the release of a small booklet on the life and work of Comrade Surjeet.


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