Explosive Unemployment: the Biggest threat to Modi’s Re-election Bid

IN the wake of major electoral reverses for the BJP in the recently held assembly elections to the five states, it has been widely recognized that the agrarian crisis and its most inhuman expression-the burgeoning farmers’ suicides have taken a heavy toll in the electoral battle field. However, commentators are loudly declaring nemesis for the ruling dispensation on another count. There is widespread belief that the tinder box of explosive unemployment will see Modi regime bite the dust; perhaps on a much bigger scale in the coming general elections.

Women’s Wall and Kerala’s Rejection of the Sangh Parivar

KERALA'S renaissance movements in the past 100 years made big strides. These movements had helped women in the struggle to shake off patriarchy and advance towards gender equality. But unfortunately, following the recent Supreme Court verdict which allowed the entry of women of all ages to the Sabarimala temple, there had been attempts to belittle the achievements of the women in Kerala and to sideline them as second class citizens.

No to Electoral Bonds

The CPI(M) will not accept donations through electoral bonds.

IN the course of the assembly elections now on in five states, the CPI(M) has been offered electoral bonds as donation in one of the states.  The Party has not accepted this offer even though it is in serious need of funds to fight elections.

On Modi’s Claims about Development


NARENDRA Modi, the prime minister of India while speaking at the public meetings in Uttar Pradesh boasted about the ‘enhanced pace of completion of developmental projects’ by him and his government. He remarked that the previous governments were responsible for stalled projects in the country, particularly in UP. According to him, a list of incomplete projects was prepared and the target was set (though four years of the government have already passed) for their completion.

The DPRK-US Singapore Summit

COMING out of the historic summit that took place in Singapore on June 12, between the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the US, the president of DPRK, Kim Jong-un declared, “The world will see a major change”. Donald Trump, US president joined, stating that “Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace!” Analysts across the world, including nay-sayers are poring through the one and half page declaration adopted in the summit and passing their judgements.

Four Years of Modi Govt: Disaster for the Urban Populace

THE BJP party which was considered to be an urban party-having more influence in the cities was supposed to address the urban issues better than its predecessors in ruling. But, four years of the BJP rule at the centre with a clear majority of its own has completely disappointed the people living in the cities.

Today more than 1/3rd of the people live in urban centres. There are over 7,935 small and big towns and 468 class 1 cities. These cities are those which hold a population of above 1, 00,000. Nearly 70 per cent of the urban populace lives in these class 1 cities.

Vice-Like Grip of India-US Relations

THE real consequences of the strategic alliance with the United States have begun unfolding. Not in the way the Modi government wanted to project it, but in a manner counterproductive to India’s national interests and security concerns. 

Two recent developments highlight how India’s military and strategic ties with the US are rebounding and harming our vital interests. 



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