December 20, 2015

Founding Conference of Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (Delhi-NCR) Held

Nathu Prasad

THE founding conference of Dalit Shoshan Mukti Manch (Delhi-NCR) was held on November 29, 2015. Dr Asim Bala, co-convener of the All India DSMM inaugurated the conference by garlanding the picture of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. A three-member presidium consisting of Brahmjeet Singh, Rampal and Sonia Verma was elected to conduct the proceedings. A one member-credentials committee consisting of Maimoona Mollah and a one member-minutes committee consisting of Puran Chand was elected as well. Dr Asim Bala portrayed the conditions of SCs, STs and the backward among the OBCs under the neo-liberal economic policies. He stressed the need for constitutionally mandatory sub-plans at a time when pro-market policies are being pushed instead of welfare measures for the deprived sections. Hefty amounts are being charged for the basic services which were free until few years back for the dalit sections. Government is providing lakhs of acres of land to the corporates in the name of Special Economic Zones (SEZs). On the other hand, they are not ready to provide even tiny plots for the poor to build their own houses. Children from dalit families are the overwhelming majority in the government schools, whose condition is deteriorating day-by-day. In such a situation we can’t expect these children to get good education. Recent studies show that dalits, adivasis and girls have higher dropout rates. Scheduled castes sub-plan was started in 1980s, according to which certain share of government budget should be earmarked for the dalits, in proportion to their population. But, this is not being implemented. In most of the states, actual allotments are not even 50 percent of the desired amounts. Even these allotments are being diverted to expenditure under other heads. In such a situation, DSMM has to go among the masses and build unity among them on these questions. The work report was placed by Nathu Prasad, convener of the Delhi, DSMM. 19 people participated in the discussion on the report and placed their views on the conditions of dalits in Delhi-NCR, rights of education, health and employment of dalits, discriminatory government policies and concerns over social justice. A 31-member state committee, with 3 positions for women kept vacant was elected. The conference elected Brahmjeet Singh as president; Rampal, Sonia Verma, Puran Chand and Ram Kunwar as vice-president; Nathu Prasad as general secretary; R Mugam, Ambedkar, Rohtas Gautam, Nathu Ram as secretary and Bharat Singh as treasurer. 195 people (169 men and 25 women) registered in the conference. 176 credential forms were submitted, whose distribution is as follows: SC-115, OBC-38, ST-1 and Others-22.