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Brutal Attack on Students in Jadavpur University

THE students of Jadavpur University were brutally beaten up by the police in the middle of the night on September 16. The police action led to around 30 students, including girls getting injured and hospitalised. The condition of two is stated to be serious and they have been admitted to the ICCU. The police have arrested about 37 students, including girls.

Chairman of the West Bengal Left Front, Biman Basu, has condemned the attack on students inside the campus of the Jadavpur University. The CPI(M) Polit Bureau member termed the attack as brutal, unwarranted and unprecedented.

India-Pakistan: Back to Square One

EXPECTATIONS about the improvement of bilateral ties between India and Pakistan were buoyed after the Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif accepted the newly elected Indian prime minister’s invitation for his swearing in ceremony. Sharif had come to Delhi at short notice despite the misgivings expressed by many in Pakistan, including those in the powerful security establishment. Narendra Modi on the campaign trail had targeted Pakistan as a threat to India’s internal security and had pledged to take a tough and uncompromising stand on the Kashmir issue.

Achintya Bhattacharya Birth Centenary Celebrations Conclude

THERE were three distinct visions for an independent India during freedom struggle – the Nehruvian vision, the Left vision and the right-wing ‘Hindutva’ vision. Pandit Nehru represented the mainstream vision for a ‘secular democratic’ India, while the Left vision was for a ‘secular, democratic and socialist’ India. The third was for converting independent India into a rabidly intolerant ‘Hindu Rashtra’. This vision originated with the formation of the RSS in 1925. The Muslim League was a ‘twin brother’ of the RSS.

District Conference of Odisha Sales Representatives' Union Held

THE 4th Berhampur district conference of Odisha Sales Representatives' Union (OSRU) was held at Sahid Laxman Nayak Community Hall in Berhampur on September 7. CPI(M) state secretariat member Ali Kishore Pattnaik inaugurated the conference. OSRU general secretary Subhnkar Das, who was the chief speaker, discussed the organisational functioning and developments in the sector. Das opposed the anti-worker policies being pursued by the central and state governments.

Tribal Youth, Students March against Conspiracy to Divide Tripura

MORE than 20,000 tribal youth and students marched through the streets of Agartala on September 10, to voice their stern warning against the divisive forces aiming at dividing Tripura. This vibrant and youthful rally organised by the Tribal Youth Federation (TYF) and the Tribal Students Union (TSU) raised the slogans of unity, peace and development of the state.

NPRD Welcomes SC Verdict on Reservations for Disabled

THE National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled (NPRD), in a statement issued on September 13, has welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court setting at rest all hitherto misinterpretations of the three percent reservation provided to persons with disabilities as per the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. The Court has ruled that the three percent reservation applies not just to recruitment to all categories, but to departmental promotions as well.

India's Mars Mission Enter its Final Phase

INDIA'S Mars Orbiter mission – the Mangalyaan – is now moving into its last and most critical phase. The Mars Orbiter is going to be transferred on September 24 from its current heliocentric or sun-centric orbit and into a Mars-centric one. This is no mean feat, as this phase has defeated many an earlier mission. If it succeeds, India's ISRO will be the fourth space agency to manage such a feat; the others are US's NASA, the Russian and the EU space agencies.

Understanding Inflation

RULING class offensives against the labouring poor in conditions of economic crisis are typically sought to be justified by advancing theories that attribute the crisis to the labouring poor themselves. A theoretical exercise to justify an attack on the labouring poor is on at present, with regard to the inflation that has been raging in the country.


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