Modi Govt Unmasked: ‘Development’ Mukhota Discarded

WHEN Narendra Modi won the internal battles and was projected as the RSS/BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 general elections, this column had the occasion to state that the RSS had finally decided to discard its “mukhota”. When the prime protagonist of the 2002 Gujarat communal carnage has been assigned this task by the RSS/BJP, it was clear that they no longer required a mukhota to mask the pursuit of their real agenda – the transformation of the modern Indian secular democratic Republic into the RSS vision of a rabidly intolerant fascistic `Hindu Rashtra’.

Aggressively Furthering Neo-Liberal Reforms

BY now it is clear, despite all the high pitched rhetoric, that PM Modi is more aggressively pursuing the very same neo-liberal economic reform trajectory that this government has inherited from the earlier UPA government. This is happening like it did initially with Dr Manmohan Singh invoking illusions of an `era of prosperity’ which will convert India into a land of `milk and honey’.

CABINET RESHUFFLE: Wither `Minimum Government – Maximum Governance’

WITHIN six months of assuming office, the Modi government has been expanded with the induction of 21 new ministers in the council of ministers. This takes the total strength of the cabinet to 66. Of these, two are not members of either house of the parliament at the moment. Our constitution provides that such persons can hold office for a maximum period of six months before which they will have to be elected to either house.

Once Again ‘Forked Tongue’ Politics

FINALLY, elections to the Delhi assembly appear set to take place early next year. The union cabinet, at a special cabinet meeting presided over by the prime minister on November 4, ratified Delhi Lt. Governor’s recommendation to dissolve the Delhi assembly, with immediate effect, and, thus, begin the process of fresh election in the nation’s capital. With this, the process for November 25 by-elections to three seats vacated by BJP members elected to the Lok Sabha should automatically stand cancelled.

PM’s Hollow Claims on Bringing Back Black Money

ONE after another, all the election promises made by Prime Minister Modi during his whirlwind nationwide campaign, in a corporate jet, are turning out to be completely hollow – full of bluster and no substance.  On earlier occasions, we had exposed the feature of this Modi government with regard to its so-called `economic miracles’, achhe din aanewale hain etc etc.  Now it is the turn of the prime minister’s bluster concerning the claim that `his government’ will ensure that all the illegal black money stashed away in foreign banks in financial `havens’ will be brought back to the


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