Greater Economic Burdens Instead of Ache Din

THERE is predictable hype being built over US President Barrack Obama’s presence at the 2015 Republic Day parade as the chief guest. This is the first time, since independence, that a serving president of the USA would be the chief guest at our annual Republic Day parade where the president of India as the `supreme commander of the armed forces’ will take the “salute”. When the supreme commander takes the salute, it is the signal for all the wings of the armed forces to move into, what is called in military parlance, “war mode”.

PM Modi’s ‘Illusions’: Gas Balloons

THIS week has seen a very well choreographed and orchestrated campaign to woo international finance capital to India. Prime Minister Modi seeking to realise his “Make in India” campaign was physically omnipresent at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015. PM Modi has made a clear shift from the slogan of “Made in India” that he thundered from the Red Fort in his first address to the nation on Independence Day to the slogan of “Make in India” that he advanced at a yet another choreographed event at the Madison Square Gardens in New York on his visit to the UN.

Modi Govt Unmasked: ‘Development’ Mukhota Discarded

WHEN Narendra Modi won the internal battles and was projected as the RSS/BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 general elections, this column had the occasion to state that the RSS had finally decided to discard its “mukhota”. When the prime protagonist of the 2002 Gujarat communal carnage has been assigned this task by the RSS/BJP, it was clear that they no longer required a mukhota to mask the pursuit of their real agenda – the transformation of the modern Indian secular democratic Republic into the RSS vision of a rabidly intolerant fascistic `Hindu Rashtra’.

Aggressively Furthering Neo-Liberal Reforms

BY now it is clear, despite all the high pitched rhetoric, that PM Modi is more aggressively pursuing the very same neo-liberal economic reform trajectory that this government has inherited from the earlier UPA government. This is happening like it did initially with Dr Manmohan Singh invoking illusions of an `era of prosperity’ which will convert India into a land of `milk and honey’.


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