Brexit: Freed from EU Shackles

FROM the barrage mounted by the corporate media globally, it would appear that the decision of the people of Britain to quit the European Union is an unmitigated disaster for Britain, for Europe and for the world. There are mournful requiems for the end of globalisation and a “liberal-capitalist” order. The crash in the world’s stock exchanges and financial markets indicate who is really hurt by “Brexit” – the masters of big finance and the banks. But there is an alternative view about the referendum held in Britain on whether it should remain in, or, leave the European Union.

NSG Fiasco

THE Modi government has suffered a humiliating setback in its frantic efforts to acquire membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). The diplomatic effort to enlist support for the NSG membership was led by Prime Minister Modi himself. In the run-up to the Seoul meeting of the NSG, Modi visited Switzerland and Mexico to muster support from these countries. The 48-member NSG works on the basis of consensus. In the Seoul meeting, ten countries did not agree to take up India’s membership in the NSG at this stage.

FDI: Ruinous Policies

THE Modi government has announced another set of sweeping liberalised norms for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in various sectors. In the last two years of the Modi government, there has been successive liberalisation of FDI norms across the board. The current relaxations include 100 per cent FDI in the defence sector, retail food trade, civil aviation, cable networks, DTH and other telecom services. Apart from this, 74 percent FDI through the automatic route will be allowed to facilitate takeover of existing Indian pharmaceutical companies.

BJP: Division of Labour

THE two-day national executive of the BJP held in Allahabad on June 12-13 has confirmed the division of labour between the Modi-Shah duo. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi harped on vikas and his government’s commitment to push forward development, the BJP president Amit Shah spoke about the Hindutva issues such as the alleged exodus of Hindus from Kairana in Western Uttar Pradesh. The national executive, being held in Uttar Pradesh, focused on the BJP strategy for the forthcoming assembly elections in the state to be held by February 2017.

Dadri: Hate Politics Over “Beef”

THAT the BJP will indulge in “beef politics” to create communal polarisation in Uttar Pradesh has been made amply clear in recent days. Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched in his house in Bisara village in Dadri in September last year on the false charge that he had kept beef and consumed it in his house. Eighteen persons, including some BJP men, were arrested and are now facing trial for the murder of Akhlaq.

Racist Attacks on African Students

THE death of an African student from Congo, Masonda Kitanda Olivier, after being brutally assaulted on May 21 in South Delhi has brought to the fore the deep-seated racism which exists in India. There are thousands of students from Africa studying in various educational institutions in the country. It is a shameful fact that these black students are often subject to racial discrimination and attacks.

The Struggle in Venezuela

THE Bolivarian revolutionary process, initiated by Hugo Chavez seventeen years ago, is under siege. The attack on the Left-oriented government headed by Nicolas Maduro is part of the rightwing offensive which is unfolding in Latin America. In the first half of 2016, there has been a reversal of the Left tide.

West Bengal: Denounce This Terror

THE Trinamool Congress won a decisive victory in West Bengal getting 72 per cent of the seats in the assembly. But obviously, this is not enough for Mamata Banerjee. For her, the CPI(M) and the Left Front have to be not only electorally defeated, they have also to be eliminated as a political force. That is why, she is fulfilling the threat she made during the election campaign that she would retaliate inch by inch after the election.

Uttarakhand: Verdict for Democracy

THE Modi government's sordid attempt to topple the Harish Rawat government in Uttarakhand and install a BJP government with the help of defectors has been thwarted by a vigilant judiciary. Harish Rawat has won the floor test in the Uttarakhand assembly in an unprecedented Court monitored vote by the legislators. The Supreme Court had suspended President's rule for two hours on May 10 to facilitate this process.


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