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Historic 2nd September Strike: Lessons and Task Ahead

THE historic 2nd September General Strike was participated by crores of workers, and established many milestones. Support extended by other class and mass organisations was worth noting. For the first time even unfriendly quarters had no escape but to admit the unprecedented impact of the strike all over the country – across all the regions and economic sectors. However, above all, the success of the strike in the strategic sectors like road transport, coal mines, petroleum, power, telecommunication, etc. is rather a mind blowing significant new development.


Time to Create New History

HISTORY has not been written by capital alone. The dynamics of capitalism is an expression of unplanned antagonism between labour and capital. The neo-liberal milieu sometimes make us believe that it is the whims and fancies of the capitalist class that go unchallenged and hence capital can make the world of its own image. It had never been so and would not be in the future as well. Discourses that perceive capitalist logic as identical to that of human civilization are ideologically loaded.

Onto All India General Strike, Sept 2

MILLIONS of workers have so far participated in the preparatory meetings and rallies in support of the nationwide General Strike on September 2, 2015 called by the Central Trade Unions. The unprecedented support from the workers shows the urge for changing the current economic policies that have put the workers and peasants into tremendous crisis. The united platform of the trade unions consists of 11 central trade unions viz.

Report of the DG to the 104th ILC – A Derogatory Document Developed To: Dismantle the ILO International Standards - II

WE are discussing about the anti-labour blueprint drawn in the Report of the Director General of ILO presented to the 104th session of the ILC of ILO held in Geneva from May 31 to June 13, 2015. In the first installment of our discussion, we have already dealt with that part of the Report which has enumerated the structure, contents and method of preparation of the centenary ILC, due in 2019 and pointed out the deliberate and motivated departure from the time-tested standing system and tripartite principles.

Country Prepares for Sep 2 General Strike

THE working people of the country, from almost all the sectors, from all the states, have very well completed their preparation for the 24 hour strike on September 2.  This strike is the 16th countrywide General Strike after 1991, against the neo-liberal offensive of the ruling classes and the fourth strike since all the 11 Central TUs and also the National Federations have come on a joint platform.


All informations from various corners of the country indicate that most enthusiastic preparations have been there to make the strike a complete success.


Decimate Work, Worker & Workplace and Disarm Trade Union Movement

THE 104th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) took place at the UN complex in Geneva from May 31 to June 13. A total of 5,912 accredited representatives consisting of the government, workers, and employers’ delegations from 169 member countries of ILO attended the conference as compared to 5,254 in 2014. Amongst the participants, there were 171 ministers from different countries.



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